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Empty app icon on iPad for iPhone only application

I have an iPhone application which is not optimised to work on iPad, but it contains all the icons for iPad. When I install an app on iPad – there is no icon. Also, when I download my app from the store on iPad – it doesn’t have an icon… In Xcode 9 I’ve marked […]

How to remove the grey bottom bar in iPad simulator

I have tried to reset the simulator, to change the keyboard input settings, to rotate the simulator, but it did not change anything. The grey bar covers my ui so that the simulator is not usable. XCode version: 7.1 (7B91b) Simulator version: 9.1 (SimulatorApp-635.5)

iOS: Orientation check rotation on ViewDidAppear

Background: I want to make sure my viewControllers rotate properly when it appears. My viewControllers have excellent codes managing the rotation and orientation when it is visible. Problem: Given two viewControllers in a NavigationController, viewC1 and viewC2. I did the following: 1.) Set rootViewController to viewC1 2.) Push viewC2 into the NavigationController 3.) Rotate 4.) […]

Does MapKit allow for StreetView?

Can I use Google Map’s Streetview inside my apps?

How to achieve dynamic UIView masking?

I’m trying to achieve a sort of dynamic UIView masking effect. Here is a sketch: So as you can see, I’m trying to create a UIView that can effectively cut through an image to reveal the image behind it. I already know how to return an image with a mask statically, however I would like […]

Sharing images in Google+ using iPhone App

Here i’m working with Google+ integration in IOS Apps.. I have gone through the Guidelines at link https://developers.google.com/+/mobile/ios/share And I have succeeded in the following aspect. –>>Sharing Text. –>>Sharing URLs. –>>Sharing App(Google+ App) icon and Description [Using deep linking]. But I have stuck in the following aspect. –>>Sharing an Local or URL Image. so..is there […]

ld: warning: section __DATA/__objc_imageinfo__DATA has unexpectedly large size

Does anyone know what this warning means? It is followed by the error: Command /Developer/Platforms/iPhoneSimulator.platform/Developer/usr/bin/llvm-gcc-4.2 failed with exit code 1 This is an Xcode project for the iPad. I only see this when I compile for the simulator, not the device. I have linked a static library (*.a) to this project and that is where […]

Retrieving the key name on AVMetadataItem for an AVAsset in iOS

I am trying to identify the different metadata items on a video on the iPad. So far I was able to successfully use the AVAsset libraries to find the file, and generate an array of AVMetadataItems using metadataForFormat:. Only iTunes and Quicktime User data formats were found in the file. The issue is now that […]

Crash iPad Photo Picker

I am using the following function to activate either the device camera or the image picker depending on the result of a UIActionSheet. if fromCamera=YES then it works on both iPhone and iPad. if fromCamera=NO then it works on iPhone and the image picker appears. But it crashes on the iPad with the following error: […]

What is the difference between Search Bar vs. Search Bar & Search Display Controller?

What is the difference between Search Bar vs. Search Bar & Search Display Controller?