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How to resolve Undefined Symbols error?

I’m getting this error Undefined symbols: “.objc_class_name_MyClass”, referenced from: literal-pointer@__OBJC@__cls_refs@MyClass in infoViewController.o ld: symbol(s) not found collect2: ld returned 1 exit status When referencing the static method below: [MyClass ClickComment:self.navigationController]; MyClass is defined in a static library that I’m referencing in my app project. When I start typing “[MyClass “…, I get message hints. The […]

Animation CAShapeLayer

I draw a graph with this code: CAShapeLayer *curentGraph = [CAShapeLayer new]; CGMutablePathRef linePath = CGPathCreateMutable(); curentGraph.lineWidth = 3.0f; curentGraph.fillColor = [[UIColor clearColor] CGColor]; curentGraph.strokeColor = [colorGraph CGColor]; for (NSValue *value in arrOfPoints) { CGPoint pt = [value CGPointValue]; CGPathAddLineToPoint(linePath, NULL, pt.x,pt.y); }; curentGraph.path = linePath;CGPathRelease(linePath); [self.layer addSublayer:curentGraph]; and it looks like this But I […]

How to use Oauth properly

I haven’t made much progress, so rather then look for an answer to the error stated in my original question, I think my problem would best be solved by some overall instructions on how to use Oauth properly. Please look below to question reformulated. ORIGINAL QUESTION I’m using the cocoa-wrapper api for soundcloud on my […]

Checking a null value from Json response in Objective-C

[ { “AT” : null, “EA” : null, “AD2” : “”, “OP” : null, “AdsLst” : [ ], “EMs” : null, “ND” : { “MN” : null, “FN” : “Sony”, “LN” : “J” }, “ZP” : “23456”, “CT” : 1, “PP” : 0, “cId” : 161464, “Pos” : null, “WPExt” : null, “OS” : 0, […]

Return back to iPhone app from safari

This question already has an answer here: Return to app from safari 4 answers

iOS :GMail API – Send Attachments with email

I am able to successfully able to send emails without attachments. However, when I try to upload attachments using GTLUploadParamaters, I am getting a 501 error. I have tried adding the NSData of an attachment from the Photo Library, as well as just sending the URL of an image. In both cases I got the […]

Different ways to initialize singletons

Working in C# and Java, I’ve seen basically one way everybody initializes singletons: static obj _inst = null; obj getInstance() { if (_inst == null) { _inst = new obj(); } return _inst; } Now, when I move to Objective-C for the iPhone, whenever I see code samples, I see basically the same thing: static […]

Glib use in an iPhone App

I would like to develop an iPhone App based on an existing open-source Objective-C framework, however that framework makes extensive use of the glib library and I cannot find a way to build and include the glib library for an iPhone app (non jailbreak). Is there any way this can be done, or is there […]

How would I send an NSArray filled with objects over a HTTP POST?

I have a product/shopping list (consisting of product objects with a name, product_id etc) on the iPhone side. I wish to send this list to the server where I will compare the list on the server with the one from the iphone (to merge the changes made and send the merged list back to the […]

iphone: How to show different image for every pin point on MapKit?

I want to put Start and End image with overlay in an iPhone/iPad application. I have start and end Lattitude and Longitude values and want to draw overlay between start and end points and put start image on Start point and End Image on End point. I have googled but What I found is MapKit […]