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iOS 11 Crashed: com.apple.CFNetwork.Connection

I am facing trouble to find out the cause of crash that happens significantly in iOS 11 versions of my app. I have tried to look out and explore but can’t find the reason or nor reproduce it yet. Following is the stack trace provided by Fabric(Crashalytics). # Crashlytics – plaintext stacktrace downloaded by xxxx […]

Displaying very large images on the iPad

I need to display some very large images on the iPad. The files are jpgs and are about 6700×2700 (maps). Is there any way around loading the entire image into memory? Currently I load it int a scroll view for zooming/panning. The images are stored locally on the device.

Objective-C : UIScrollView manual paging

I want to use the scrollview as something like a picker in horizontal mode. The scrollview holds up to seven subviews. Each subview represents a value. Always three views are visible and the one in the middle is the selected one. Scrollview visible at start: __ | V1 | V2 Scrollview set to view/value two: […]

Preloading a UIImageView animation using objective c for the iphone

I have an animated image which works great. It consists of 180 high quality images and it plays fine and loops continuously. My problem is that the first time I load the view containing these images it takes a long time to load. Every subsequent time after that it loads immediately as I am assuming […]

Download video before view Iphone sdk

I am developing an application that requires to play some video. However I do not want to pack the videos with application. Instead I would like to download videos in the NSDocumentDirectory and then play from there using MPMoviePlayerController. Anybody any Idea how could I download the video from a url? Thanx, Gezim

FourSquare API for iphone

As I need to integrate the foursquare in my application, I have found the API and also integrate in my application. But there is some problem. I want to show the nearest venue around me. As there is also method to show the venue +(void)searchVenuesNearByLatitude:(NSString*)lat longitude:(NSString*)lon accuracyLL:(NSString*)accuracyLL altitude:(NSString*)altitude accuracyAlt:(NSString*)accuracyAlt query:(NSString*)query limit:(NSString*)limit intent:(NSString*)intent callback:(Foursquare2Callback)callback; But the […]

Different StoryBoard for each screen size swift

How do I set Different Storyboards for each possible screen size in Swift? I already have the Objective-C code. Please, no Auto Layout, I don’t need it. But how do I convert it to Swift? I am new to Swift. Here is code for Objective-C: AppDelgate.m file – (BOOL)application:(UIApplication *)application didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:(NSDictionary *)launchOptions { // Override […]

Parsing Search Result with MGTwitterEngine in Objective C

I’m using Matt Gemmell’s amazing MGTwitterEngine for an iPhone project, and my lack of familiarity with Obj-C and JSON parsing is making a simple job seem rather daunting. I’ve read this link, and while it helps me understand how the data is structured, I still can’t seem to be able to parse it. If I […]

Gravatar for Iphone? How do I generate a hexadecimal MD5 hash?

I’d like to use gravatar in my iPhone application. Is there anyway to generate a hexadecimal MD5 hash in Objective-C for iPhone? Using openssl on iPhone is a no-go.

MPMoviePlayerController not working in iOS4

I’m using the first answer from iOS 4 + MPMoviePlayerController to try and get MPMoviePlayerController to play. In the simulator (iPhone device with iOS4), I hear sound but no video. On the device (iPhone 3GS and iOS4), I don’t get anything. Here’s my code: MPMoviePlayerController *moviePlayer = [[MPMoviePlayerController alloc] initWithContentURL:[NSURL fileURLWithPath:moviePath]]; moviePlayer.movieControlMode = MPMovieControlModeDefault; if […]