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Meaning of Warning “while a presentation is in progress!”

When I am integarting the Instagram in my project. I am getting a image from UIImagePickerController and after it i want to send it to Instagram But when I am sending image to Instagram by UIDocumentInteractionController delegate method presentOptionsMenuFromRect:inView: animated: like this [documentInteractionController presentOptionsMenuFromRect:CGRectZero inView:self.view animated:YES]; The warning comes Warning: Attempt to present <_UIDocumentActivityViewController: 0x7584780> […]

UIWebView does not scale content to fit

I have a webview which is the top window in the hierarchy and has been declared as shown below. However, it does not scale pages to fit. Pages are top left aligned, but are not scaled, despite the scalesPageToFit property being set to YES. Any help would be greatly appreciated. webLookupView = [[UIWebView alloc] initWithFrame:CGRectMake(16, […]

iOS: Use a boolean in NSUserDefaults

When the rootViewController of my application is loaded, I want to be able to check whether or not the users login credentials have been saved to NSUserDefaults. Basically, when the user loads the application and he/she doesn’t have her login credentials saved, a modalAlertView will be pushed and the user will be able to save […]

set background image for entire iPhone / iPad app

I have a single image I want as the background for my app no matter what viewcontroller they are on – how do you accomplish this?

Dragging an UIView inside UIScrollView

I am trying to solve a basic problem with drag and drop on iPhone. Here’s my setup: I have a UIScrollView which has one large content subview (I’m able to scroll and zoom it) Content subview has several small tiles as subviews that should be dragged around inside it. My UIScrollView subclass has this method: […]

Figure out UIBarButtonItem frame in window?

UIBarButtonItem does not extend UIView, so there is nothing like a frame property. But is there any way I can get what is it’s CGRect frame, relative to the application UIWindow?

What's the best way to put a c-struct in an NSArray?

What’s the usual way to store c-structures in an NSArray? Advantages, disadvantages, memory handling? Notably, what’s the difference between valueWithBytes and valueWithPointer — raised by justin and catfish below. Here’s a link to Apple’s discussion of valueWithBytes:objCType: for future readers… For some lateral thinking and looking more at performance, Evgen has raised the issue of […]

Extracting pdf text in Objective C

Up to this point, I had not found a solution that would work well to extract text from a pdf file in Objective C for use on the iPhone. I found some standard C code and modified it to work, and thought I would provide it here, as up to this point I have used […]

Fitting a UIDatePicker into a UIActionSheet

I’m trying to get a UIDatePicker with a UIButton to show up in a UIActionSheet. Unfortunately it gets cropped off and the entire Date Picker is not visible. I have not even attempted to add the UIButton yet. Can anyone suggest on getting the entire view to fit properly? I’m not sure how to add […]

Downloading a Large File – iPhone SDK

I am using Erica Sadun’s method of Asynchronous Downloads (link here for the project file: download), however her method does not work with files that have a big size (50 mb or above). If I try to download a file above 50 mb, it will usually crash due to a memory crash. Is there anyway […]