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Save Photos to Custom Album in iPhones Photo Library

I’m trying to create a custom album in the Photo Library of an iPhone and then save photos that I’ve taken with the camera, or chosen from the phones Camera Roll to that custom album. I can successfully create the album but the photos are not getting saved there, instead they are getting saved to […]

how to increase font size in UIWebView

how to increase or decrease the UIWebview font size, not using scalePageToFit:NO;

Drop Shadow on UITextField text

Is it possible to add a shadow to the text in a UITextField?

Email validation on textField in iPhone sdk

In iPhone App How to Add Email validation on UITextField? Please Help and Suggest Thanks.

How can I add CGPoint objects to an NSArray the easy way?

I have about 50 CGPoint objects that describe something like a “path”, and I want to add them to an NSArray. It’s going to be a method that will just return the corresponding CGPoint for an given index. I don’t want to create 50 variables like p1 = …; p2 = …, and so on. […]

Cocoa Touch: How To Change UIView's Border Color And Thickness?

I saw in the inspector that I can change the background color, but I’d like to also change the border color and thickness, is this possible? Thanks

Is it possible to disable floating headers in UITableView with UITableViewStylePlain?

I’m using a UITableView to layout content ‘pages’. I’m using the headers of the table view to layout certain images etc. and I’d prefer it if they didn’t float but stayed static as they do when the style is set to UITableViewStyleGrouped. Other then using UITableViewStyleGrouped, is there a way to do this? I’d like […]

How much does it cost to develop an iPhone application?

How much can a developer charge for an iPhone app like Twitterrific? I want to know this because I need such an application with the same functionality for a new community website. I can do Ruby but have no experience with Objective-C. So it would be interesting for me if I should start reading books […]

Purpose of @ Symbol Before Strings?

I’ve been using Objective-C for a while now, but have never really understood what the purpose of the @ symbol before all strings is. For instance, why do you have to declare a string like this: NSString *string = @”This is a string”; and not like this: NSString *anotherString = “This is another string”; as […]

Why does test iAd for barebones project not display?

Possible Duplicate: how to display test IAd banner in the simulator I have tried really hard, with several blogs and videos, to implement iAd in my application. It still fails with ADBannerView: Unhandled error (no delegate or delegate does not implement didFailToReceiveAdWithError:): Error Domain=ADErrorDomain Code=5 “The operation couldn’t be completed. Banner view is visible but […]