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Adding key to IPad keyboard

i am currently working on an iPad application, my client wants to add Function keys as in normal keyboard on Top of keypad which i have done. Problem is he wants a “Fn” key in the iPad system keyboard which ll show the Function keys when clicked. Is it possible without jail break ? as […]

iPhone app crashing when turning device while keyboard is showing

I have an iPhone app with a webview that redirects to a forum at some point. I noticed that the app will crash when I do these steps: 1) Browse through the forum (vBulletin) 2) Open a thread and try to post a message 3) Click into the textarea so the keyboard shows up 4) […]

Iphone default KeyBoard “Go” button action not working with PhoneGap

I am using PhoneGap 1.8.1 to build an application in Iphone. I have an login window (screen shot attached below). There are two html Text-boxes (one for entering user name and another one for entering password) and a Log-in button to login. I can able to successfully Login through my Login button using below code. […]

objective-c uisearchbar only allows one character at a time

I have created the following code but there’s still one thing that’s bugging me. For some reason, when I press any key on the keyboard, it immediately goes away, my cancel bar is disabled, but the code works and it correctly sorts and displays the cells in my table view that have those letters that […]

iPad : How to know Return key of iPad keyboard is pressed ? Please check image

I want to know that which method will be called when the following key is pressed. I want to start action on above key press. How do I know this is pressed ?

textFieldShouldReturn is not called

I want to make the keyboard disappear when the user clicks the “return” button, I was told to use -(BOOL)textFieldShouldReturn:(UITextField *)textField { [tf resignFirstResponder]; return YES; } But nothing happens when I click the “return” button, the method isn’t even being called. I am doing this in @interface gameOverMenu : UIView not in the ViewController. […]

No longer able to hide keyboard during viewWillDisappear in iOS7

The following code used to work in iOS6 to hide the keyboard when a view controller was popped off of the navigation stack: – (void)viewWillDisappear:(BOOL)animated { [self.view endEditing:YES]; [super viewWillDisappear:animated]; } However, in iOS7, the [self.view endEditing:YES] line seems to get ignored. I tried the command in other view events (viewDidDisappear, viewWillAppear, and viewDidAppear), and […]

how to make new custom emotion keyboard for ios (somewhat like Emoji)

What I want to make is emotion keyboard so that I can use the same in iPhone. When I searched, I found Emoji is better one to take ideas. Inshort, I want to make app which would be keyboard and that can be used anywhere in messenger. Any idea/ inputs how to go ahead to […]

iOS8 custom keyboard accessing user defaults without requesting open access

I’m implementing a custom keyboard for iOS8. I have a containing app that sets a few keyboard specific values to NSUserDefaults so that the keyboard can read from them. This works fine, however I must set requestsOpenAccess to yes to get this working on device. This seems like overkill to me, I only want to […]

iPhone : how to prevent dismiss keyboard when other view presentViewController

I am having on issue with my iPhone App. There is a 2 UIViewController. First UIViewController with UITextField and keyboard up. Once I will open other UIViewController with presentViewController my keyboard automatically down. So is there any way to I can forcefully open keyboard? I do not want to keyboard dismiss. Thanks.