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openssl libs in Xcode 4

as the title suggests, I’m struggling to make the inclusion of openssl libs in my xcode iOs project, such as: #include <openssl/md5.h> #include <openssl/sha.h> #include <openssl/ripemd.h> if anyone knows a good way to do it, that would be more than appreciated. I tried to add the /usr/include/openssl to my inclusion paths in the project configuration, […]

How do i compile my app in Xcode with these errors – LibCurl

I’ve been porting icy (iPhone Debian-Based Package manager — Jailbreak ) to iOS 5. i’ve allready ported it once 4.0 came out, but now i’m getting errors wich untill now, i didn’t solve. When i build icy in iOS Simulator it has zero errors, but when i build it on my actual device, i’m getting […]