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How does waze change objects location with their localization?

The first image is when the language is set to Hebrew, the second is in English. Look at the word ” Thanks: ” in the image. How Waze managed to change the location of the word to a Right To Left language? With regular localization Thanks:x should have been תודות:X That’s just one example. Waze […]

Use specific localization in Cocoa app

How can you make your cocoa app use a specific locale / localization thats different from what the current locale says? My app has a number of localizations and I would like to be able to choose the localization the app uses in a config file. How can I tell Cocoa which of the localizations […]

UITableViewCell + Autolayout + RTL

I’m localising my app to Hebrew, which is an RTL language. Each cell has horizontal constraints set as Leading/Trailing which are automatically reversed on RTL languages. The final result is exactly as expected, but when scrolling through the table view, the UITableViewCell subviews are animating from LTR to RTL, which is very weird. Is there […]

Iphone and right-to-left text

How can I display RTL text(e.g. arabic) in UITextView?

iPhone: localization / internationalization default strings file

I currently have two supported languages: English and Spanish. Thus I have two main.strings files for each language. One in en.lproj and one in es.lproj. What I want now is that the English main.strings is the default file if a user with a locale other than en or es arrives at the application, e.g. de […]

How to get language locale of the user in Objective-C?

I am developing an application for Mac OS X. I want to change indication contents by the language locale (English, Spanish, etc.) of the application user, how do I get information of which language is used?

Automatically align text in UILabel according to text language

I’m interested in setting some text into a UILabel, and depending on the directionality of the language (e.g., Hebrew – right-to-left [RTL], English – left-to-right [LTR]) set the alignment of the UILabel. Note that using iOS 6’s NSTextAlignmentNatural does not solve the problem, as it chooses alignment according to the current locale, experiments show.

Programmatically get the name of the Application Folder in OSX

In the USA and Europe the application folder is named Applications, but under Chinese or Japanese localization how is it named? Is there a way to programmatically get the name of the folder?

Change iphone app language with buttons and without restart of the app

I want to change the language of my app. At the moment I am doing it at the following way. I have two buttons which are change the languages in NSUserDefaults. But before this affects my app I need to restart it. Here is my code. – (IBAction)changeDutch:(id)sender { [[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults] setObject:[NSArray arrayWithObjects:@”nl”, @”en”, nil] […]

Creating Localization Files for iOS

I would like to localize one of my apps. But I just CANNOT seem to figure it out. I have tried to read apple’s docs, and I have looked at a bunch of tutorials that I found by searching. I understand how to change all my strings to NSLocalizedStrings, and how to edit those localized […]