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Is MAC address of iPhone unique and will it change?

I want to use MAC address of the iphone as my unique identifier of the app. I was wondering if it changes or is it unique per device. Thanks

how to find MAC address in MAC OS X programmatically?

I am new to Mac OS X and X code and want to know how to find the MAC address of a machine programmatically in OS X.

How can I programmatically get the MAC address of an iphone

Does anyone know how to programmatically get an iPhone’s MAC address and IP address?

Manage ifaddrs to return MAC addresses as well in Swift

I’ve got the following code that successfully retrieves all the IPs connected to my router. But I need to a get the MAC Addresses for each IP. So instead of addresses being returned as an array with [ips], be returned as a dictionary [ips:0000000, mac: 000000] Is it possible to be achieved with changes to […]

How to get the wifi mac address on iPhone in Swift?

Is there a way to get the real Wi-Fi MAC address of the IOS device using Swift language? Code snippet much appreciated! Thanks.

Apple rejected app because it's transmitting MAC Address without user permission

We had a recently developed app rejected by Apple. Here is their explanation: We found your app does not obtain user consent before collecting the user’s personal data, as required by theApp Store Review Guidelines. Specifically, your applications sends the device’s MAC address without the user’s permission. Your app also sends device Contact information without […]

objective C iOS Device ID in iOS7

I want to ask that whether objective C can obtain a unique device ID of the Device. “uniqueIdentifier” is deprecated in iOS7 and I try to use “identifierForVendor” but it gives me a different ID after the app is re-installed. I want to find a stable device ID after the app is re-install, and even […]

Trouble with MAC address in iOS 7.0.2

From iOS 7.0.2 the MAC address is: 02:00:00:00:00:00. How can I read real one in iOS? Is this unvailable from 7.0.2, or not? How do it?

What exactly means iOS networking interface name? what's pdp_ip ? what's ap?

I use following code to print all interface and it’s mac address – ( void )interfaceInfo{ int mib[6]; size_t len; char *buf; unsigned char *ptr; struct if_msghdr *ifm; struct sockaddr_dl *sdl; mib[0] = CTL_NET; mib[1] = AF_ROUTE; mib[2] = 0; mib[3] = AF_LINK; mib[4] = NET_RT_IFLIST; char name[128]; memset(name, 0, sizeof(name)); for (int i=1; i<20; […]

Is it possible to get the SSID & MAC Address of Currently connected WiFi Network in an App

I am looking for a way to get both the MAC Adress and the SSID of the currently connected WiFi Network in my project. I have used Tony Million’s Reachability to decide when the user is on a WiFi network or not and was testing Kenial’s NICInfo only to find out that it only provides […]