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iOS 7 Status Bar Collides With NavigationBar

I have a view controller in my app that has a navigation bar dragged on it in the storyboard. It was working fine in the iOS 6 but in iOS 7 it look like this: The status bar and the navigation bar should no collide with each other. I have seen a lot of such […]

Blur specific part of an image (rectangular, circular)?

I want to blur image rectangular or circular. After googling, I found that it is easy to blur whole image but it difficult to blur specific part of image (rectangular, circular). so how it is possible ??? Thanks in advance

Emulating aspect-fit behaviour using AutoLayout constraints in Xcode 6

I want to use AutoLayout to size and layout a view in a manner that is reminiscent of UIImageView’s aspect-fit content mode. I have a subview inside a container view in Interface Builder. The subview has some inherent aspect ratio which I wish to respect. The container view’s size is unknown until runtime. If the […]

Linking a static library to an iOS project in XCode 4

I have a project (AQGridView) that compiles to a static library, but I can’t seem to add it to my project. Dragging in the project to my project creates a workspace, and if I try to link the libAQGridView.a file from the DerivedData directory it doesn’t recognize it as a library. I’m not sure what […]

How to add more details in MKAnnotation in iOS

I want to add more details in MKAnnotation like location title, description, date, location name. So it will be four lines that are needed. But I found that only 2 parameters can be passed to MKAnnotation which are title and subtitle. How can I add more details on the map? Plz help me..Thanks in advance.

How do I upload a video to YouTube from within an iOS application?

In my iOS application I need to support the upload of videos to YouTube. Is it possible to upload a video to YouTube within this application? If so, how can I implement this?

Camera with Custom View

My Application uses camera, I would like to add overlay over the camera preview. For example, I want to use a picture frame when I use Camera, also I would like to add a custom bar for camera operations. Kindly help me to do the same.

Proper practice for subclassing UIView?

I’m working on some custom UIView-based input controls, and I’m trying to ascertain proper practice for setting up the view. When working with a UIViewController, it’s fairly simple to use the loadView and related viewWill, viewDid methods, but when subclassing a UIView, the closest methosds I have are `awakeFromNib, drawRect, and layoutSubviews. (I’m thinking in […]

How to create an umbrella framework in iOS SDK?

I want to create an umbrella framework in iOS SDK. My requirements are: I have a framework called “Framework A”, I want to create another framework called “Framework B”. I want to add “Framework A” into “Framework B” as a sub-framework and users only need to import “Framework B” in their project to use both […]

Allowing interaction with a UIView under another UIView

Is there a simple way of allowing interaction with a button in a UIView that lies under another UIView – where there are no actual objects from the top UIView on top of the button? For instance, at the moment I have a UIView (A) with an object at the top and an object at […]