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How to create joints in Sprite Kit (Xcode)?

I don’t understand how to create a joint to connect two bodies in SpriteKit. Thanks for help.

How to change the orientation of the app without changing the device orientation in iphone app

I want to change the orientation of the app without changing the device orientation in iphone app. I want to change my view from portraid mode to landscap mode programmatically. And also want to know that will this be accepted by the apple store or not ? Thanks Now I got the solution from other […]

fb ios sdk session for use with existing fb connect website

How does my fb connect webserver authenticate a user that logged in via fb ios sdk? I have a website which uses facebook connect. In it, i do use the app secret to authenticate the user via a cookie created by the facebook javascript sdk via the facebook python library: def get_user_from_cookie(cookies, app_id, app_secret): “””Parses […]

How can I supersede the built-in swipe gesture recognizer in UICollectionView?

We’re building an app that takes advantage of the new UICollectionView in iOS 6. However, we need to implement a long-press behavior such that even if the user then moves their finger after, we want it ignored. i.e. User touches the screen than instantly moves -> Swipe User touches the screen, pauses, then moves -> […]

Elegant Algorithm for Parsing Data Stream Into Record

I am interfacing with a hardware device that streams data to my app over Wifi. The data is streaming in just fine. The data contains a character header (DATA:) that indicates a new record has begun. The issues is that the data I receive doesn’t necessarily fall on the header boundary, so I have to […]

Singleton in Objective-C, compatible with ARC and thread safe

I want to have a thread safe, ARC compatible singleton, but is seems to me that the most common example of singleton that I find, an example pasted here: + (MyClass *)sharedInstance { static MyClass *sharedInstance = nil; static dispatch_once_t onceToken; dispatch_once(&onceToken, ^{ sharedInstance = [[self alloc] init]; // Do any other initialisation stuff here […]

Acessing a wordpress database from an iPhone App

I’ve been asked to create an app that will get data back from a database where the CMS will be WordPress. I’ve never used a CMS so I’m trying to get a (overview)picture in my head of how it could all work and what each of the components would be. And what a CMS actually […]

How to show alert once after installing the app in ios device

How to show an alert only once at the start of an application after installing the application on device or on simulator until I delete it from my device. Is it possible tell me..

How do I make the swipe to kill animation that is used in the iOS 7 app switcher?

I want to use a swipe animation for a custom view that is on top of the view of my UIViewController. The user should be able to swipe up the custom view to the top to send it out of the screen. Exactly like the iOS7 App Switcher gesture to kill an app: At the […]

UITextView with text and images combined

I have this UIScrollView with images inside, all the images are 30×30. I also have a a UITextView under the scrollview. What I want to do is to edit the textview, write some text, than to drag the image to the textview, and it will be added after the text (like emoji). How is it […]