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Finding the position of a button. CGRectMake

I have a button and I’m using CGRectMake to position it like this: btn5.frame = CGRectMake(211, 280, 109, 60); I guess 211 and 280 are the coordinates of the button. So how can I modify that code if I want the button to be near the bottom left corner.

How to pass the NSString from One UIViewController to Another UIViewController?

Possible Duplicate: iOS – Passing variable to view controller I have two Viewcontrollers (ViewController1 and ViewController2) , And i want to pass a String value along with a IBAction from ViewController1 to ViewController2. I am trying to read the NSString (*check) value in ViewController2’s ViewDidLoad method, but it’s returning a null value. Help me out […]

Set order on displaying paths/images

I have a couple of arcs and rects in a UIView, and a UIImageView as well. I want to have the UIImageView in the background. I have ordered it in IB so that the image view is behind my labels and buttons. First, I need to put an image in the image view, which I […]

How to pass data from one view to another view in iphone

This question already has an answer here: How do I pass variables between view controllers? 6 answers iPhone: How to Pass Data Between Several Viewcontrollers in a Tabbar App 3 answers

Converting byte array coming from Web service to UIImage iPhone

I am new to this technology. I searched a lot but cant find any relevant. In my application,I am receiving byte array from web service, my byte array which I receive from web service is [137,80,78,71,13,10,26,10,0,0,0,13,73,72,68,82,0,0,1,195,0,0,1,195,8,2,0,0,0,215,2… ] and I want to convert this byte array into UIImage for showing it in UIImageView.

How to save User Name and Password in NSUserDefault?

I need to save User Name and Password in NSUserDefault. I am planning to place a round rect button in IB. On pressing of which the User name and Password would be saved in NSUserDefault, so that when user kills the application and tries to login again after some time, they do not need to […]

How do I slide – animate a UITableView in a view

I want to slide a UITableVIew into a view (NOT by pushing the view on top of Navigation Controller) on click of a button and then hide it back by sliding , on clicking of the same button. I want the tableView to slide inside a present view.

Property 'images' not found on object of type 'UIViewController *'

I’m trying to merge these two projects. Bearded – An iPhone photo app Thumbnail Picker View At this point I’m just trying to keep these in separate view controllers and getting the functionality of the Thumbnail Picker working in it’s own controller. I’m getting the error, as stated in the title, “Property ‘images’ not found […]

iPhone game development

I have perfect 2D and 3D animation team. And we are starting iPhone game developing. So i need something to get started… something like newbie guide, open source engine with good documentation… So where is the starting point ? And one more question – is it hard to start if i am Java developer and […]

pass block as parameter in my case

I have a function which takes a block as parameter: typedef void (^ MyBlock)(int); -(void)doTask:(MyBlock)theBlock{ … } I need to run above function on another thread, I want to use – performSelector:onThread:withObject:waitUntilDone: , my current code: NSThread *workerThread = [[NSThread alloc] init]; [workerThread start]; [self performSelector:@selector(doTask:) onThread:workerThread withObject:??? waitUntilDone:NO]; BUT, How can I pass MyBlock […]