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Push Notification in Iphone application

I need to implement push notification in my application. Actually i have to receive messages from the server. Kindly guide me how i can implement push notifications in my iphone application.

How to add checkboxes to UITableViewCell??

some time ago someone already asked this question and a few answers were given but i didn’t really understand any of them. So i was wondering if anyone could please write an easy to understand tutorial on how to do the things shown on the image below: http://img.ioscake.com/iphone/screenshotkmr.png I would be so greatful if anyone […]

How to animate a UIImageview to display fullscreen by tapping on it?

I have an UIImageView in a UITableviewCell. When it is tapped, the UIImageView should animated to be displayed fullscreen. When the image is tapped when it is fullscreen it should shrink back to the original position. How can this be achieved?

Why passing &error instead of error in Cocoa programming?

In Cocoa programming, when dealing with NSError, why we are passing &error to a message instead of error? NSError *error; if (![managedObject.managedObjectContext save:&error]) //Code

Custom font in a Cocoa application

I know you can customize fonts by using Interface Builder and selecting a font. However, I’m curious if I can use a custom font that’s not included by default on systems. Is there a way to include a custom font in my application?

Selection Highlight in NSCollectionView

I have a working NSCollectionView with one minor, but critical, exception. Getting and highlighting the selected item within the collection. I’ve had all this working prior to Snow Leopard, but something appears to have changed and I can’t quite place my finger on it, so I took my NSCollectionView right back to a basic test […]

Replacements for the C preprocessor

I’m interested in using something other than the C preprocessor to preprocess my C and Objective-C source code. Are there good alternatives? An example would be something that allowed one to escape out into a python or perl snippet in the middle of C code, and where the snippet spit out C that is then […]

Change color on checkmark in UITableView

Could someone be so kind to show me how to change the color on the checkmark in UITableView? I have searched but don’t seem to get it to work. Cheers

What does the extern keyword mean?

What does the extern keyword mean? I’ve seen that in front of an function declaration like extern void DoFoo …

how to get first three characters of an NSString?

How can I return the first three characters of an NSString?