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How can I find users near the current user's location using Parse?

My app needs to find the user’s current location, which I have done. Then it needs to find other users that are near the current user’s location. I am using Parse for this. So far this is what I have to get the user’s current location and it is working so far.I don’t understand how […]

downloading data from several pffile's at once asynchronosly

If I have an array of Message objects, each with a PFile containing data, is it possible to download the data for every single message by queuing them up asynchronously like so: for (int i = 0; i < _downloadedMessages.count; i++) { PFObject *tempMessage = (PFObject *)[_downloadedMessages objectAtIndex:i]; [[tempMessage objectForKey:@”audio”] getDataInBackgroundWithBlock:^(NSData *data, NSError *error) { […]

Login user through Facebook iOS Parse.com

I am trying to login a user through facebook in my parse.com app. I have all the ids and appdelegate methods in place. I have created a view in the storyboard and made that a facebook login button and then i have connected it to my .h file as a IBAction. my code: – (IBAction)fblogin:(FBSDKLoginButton […]

Parse PFFile download order iOS

I’m storing 5 PFFiles in an array and using getDataInBackgroundWithBlock to download those files from Parse. The problem is the order at which they appear in the table view cells is different every time, presumably because the files are download at different speeds due to the different file sizes. for (PFFile *imageFile in self.imageFiles) { […]

Parse v1.7.4 and Facebook SDK NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: '+: unrecognized selector sent to class

I get this error, after upgrading both the FB and Parse SDK to the latest versions. I know that this occurs in my app delegate in the method below. I have a mixed swift and objective c application, my delegate is written in Objective C and as I am working to the next version I […]

Caching PFFile data from Parse

My app is a messaging style app and in it you can “tag” another user. (A bit like twitter). Now, when this message is displayed, the avatar belonging to the person(s) who was tagged is displayed with that message. The avatar of the user is stored as a PFFile against the PFUser object. I’m loading […]

How to call queryForTable to reload data from Parse cloud in PFQueryTableViewController?

I have a PFQueryTableViewController table, which is getting info from parse database. When user select a row it goes to another VC. In that VC user delete some data in Parse table. This Parse table is the same table I have loaded my PFQueryTableViewController. Therefore, I do not need these deleted data to be shown. […]

How to load an image from Parse into a UIImageView (iOS)

I might be asking something really easy, but I can’t manage to find a tutorial or example that would help me. I have learned how to retrieve string data from Parse and now I am trying to retrieve an image thinking it would be easier.. but I can’t figure it out. I am trying to […]

Parse – saving related objects

I’m using Parse for the back end in my project. As you would imagine there are quite a few relations in the data model. A lot of the time I create a “parent” object and all of its “children” at the same moment and save them all to Parse. Now, when doing this is it […]

Join two tables using parse

I have one database at parse.com Where I have one class called UserDetail In that class I have one array Field called occupationid For this column i have another class Called Occupation where columns are like occupationid, occupationname Now I want to fetch all data from UserDetail as well as all data from occupation class […]