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Sizing class for iPad portrait and Landscape Modes

I basically want to have my subviews positioned differently depending upon the orientation of the iPad (Portrait or Landscape) using Sizing Classes introduced in xcode 6. I have found numerous tutorials explaining how different sizing classes are available for Iphones in portrait and landscape on the IB but however there seem to be none that […]

How do I reset specific size class data on a storyboard in Xcode6?

I am using size classes to create a storyboard that can target all the various screen sizes and orientations. I have been working in the Any Width-Any Height size class. I ran into a display issue and decided to make those changes in the Compact Width – Regular Height size class. At a Later time, […]

Size Classes in iOS 7

I created a new app in Xcode 6 using Size Classes. After testing with iOS 7, I can’t figure out how to get iPhone to display a certain size class while in landscape mode. I first developed the UI with iPhone landscape as wAny hCompact, but iOS 7 doesn’t recognize that. I had iPhone portrait […]

Auto layout + size classes issue in swift

In the above view, viewB is a subview of viewA created using an xib and the constrains also added in the xib. viewB has constrains top, bottom, leading & trailing relative to its superview. The file owner is swift view controller. viewB is connected with the file owner @IBOutlet weak var viewB: UIView! But when […]

Set Constant for all Devices

I’m trying to set a constant between iPhone (4,5,6…) and iPad, but I can’t do a difference between iPhone 4 and iPhone 6 for example, so how to do ?

Different size classes for iPad portrait and landscape modes with containerviews

I’ve found this question and I’ve tried to implement the solution that has been given. However I run into a problem. My initial view controller has two container views who both have their own view controller. I’ve created a root view controller that is assigned to the initial view controller. The code in this class […]

Use Size Classes in Xcode 6 beta

Built a new project from scratch in Swift in Xcode 6 (Beta 1) and see File Inspector of Storyboard. There is Use Size Classes below Use Auto Layout. This is the screenshot of this. 1) What is Use Size Classes? 2) Is it related with iPhone 6 screen size?

Animate changes during device rotation based on size element will be after rotation completes

I have a dynamic setup of buttons that automatically adjust in width and height based on auto layout constraints set up in a storyboard. When in portrait the buttons have equal widths and heights so the frame is perfectly square, and when the device is rotated to landscape the buttons get shorter and wider. I […]

Use Xcode Auto Layout for different image sizes on iPhone

With Auto Layout for iPhones in Portrait, I don’t want the exact same size UIImageViews for game characters on iPhone 6+ as in iPhone 4S. The 4S characters need to be smaller or else they’ll look too big. Using Auto Layout how do I change image sizes between iPhones because they seem like they all […]

Using size classes programmatically

I (hopefully) watched all the relevant WWDC2014 session videos and read the docs, so this question is mostly to confirm my suspicions, but please educate me. What I want to do is animate views using Auto Layout. That in itself is not a problem. But these animations’ endpoints change with different orientations. I thought I […]