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Passing data from Marker to other VC

At the beggining of this post I would like thank @Nirav D for help 🙂 Ok. So the problem. There is a class i want to pass with prepareForSegue func with google marker. How to do it?

Error Domain=NSOSStatusErrorDomain Code=-12780 \“(null)\”

When I try to export the asset with AVAssetExport I get the following error only on videos received through whatsapp probably. I could not find a working solution. I’ve also tried implementing code to fix video duration, but I did not fix it. Error is : Error Domain=NSOSStatusErrorDomain Code=-12780 \”(null)\” Here code PHCachingImageManager().requestAVAsset(forVideo: asset.phAsset!, options: […]

App Crashes From ipa file but runs fine from Xcode?

When I run my project directly from Xcode to my device it runs perfect without any crashes. But when I create an ipa file of that project and install that ipa into my device by using iTunes, when i click on the login button it crashes,later so many tries for logins after that it works […]

Multiple IBOutlets in same line of same type in Swift

In objective c you can declare IBOutlets in below mentioned manner: IBOutlet UIButton *btn1, *btn2, *btn3; And you can able to bind these buttons in storyboard. Now I want to use the same terminology in Swift. I want to declare these 3 buttons in same line rather than declaring these in 3 different lines. I […]

Running Xcode unit tests during release build

I have a number of logic unit-tests (where my project files have a target membership of the App and AppTests). I want to add a call to xcodebuild test-without-building to my build system so that my unit-tests run for each build. However, the tests cannot run on the release build (because release doesn’t build for […]

How to do AES 128 encryption of a string on swift XCODE and send it as POST to the server?

How to do AES 128 encryption of a string on swift XCODE and send it as POST to the server?… I am new to XCODE and am learning to encrypt the string data and want to send to HTTP server. It is a basic iOS app for sending Latitude and Longitude of the device.

Set Action for UITabBarItem

How can i set an action for my UITabBarItem ? Can i connect it from storyboard to code somehow? or programmatically? And if so how can it be done? My hierarchy is UITabBarController -> UINavigationController -> UITabBarItem Sorry for the noobish question but i really need an answer for this. And I couldn’t find anything […]

My Xcode 7.3 compiler is constantly breaking and causing extremely long Build and Compile times

This Issue Occurred On A SpriteKit Xcode Project I have an issue with Swift where, once my project reaches a certain level of complexity where I have tons of classes and methods around, my autocompletion breaks so that “Jump To Definition” ceases to work and my IDE is reduced to the usefulness of a basic […]

Uber SDK for iOS – get real time ride request status made via deep link

I’m having some trouble finding a way to do this. I got an app that uses Uber SDK for iOS. I was able to add the “RideRequestButton” with “Ride there with Uber” text to do a deeplink to the Uber app. Also, I’m done requesting the token using SSO and fetch the token with Request […]

How do I put an UIImageView in the center of a tableView

I want my image to be in the center in the x axis, I’m writing this code : let emptyImage=UIImageView(frame: CGRect(x: (UIScreen.main.bounds.width)/2 ,y: 200 , width: 50, height: 50)) but it doesn’t work.