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Auto-Resizing tableViewCells in iOS8 still truncate UILabel text

I have been trying to use the new way to resize UITableView cells in iOS8 and to an extent, it works. I first make sure that the label is attached to the cell’s container view at the top, bottom, trailing side and leading side which i was told to do on an online tutorial, though […]

Dynamic Height of UITableViewCell

Okay..so before you mark this is as a repeated question, read it. I’ve implemented the code given by CIMGF for dynamic resizing of UITableViewCell. It worked for the first time around but does not seem to work now. Strange, right? Anyway, here are the code snippets: – (CGFloat)tableView:(UITableView *)tableView heightForRowAtIndexPath:(NSIndexPath *)indexPath; { NSString *text = […]

How do i keep the header cell moving with the tableview cells in Swift 2.0

I am trying to create a tableview which starts the header in the middle of the tableview and then can be scrolled up with the added tableView Cells to the top then stops, and then the tableview cells can just scroll “under” it. I got the header to be in the middle of the tableview, […]

Loading multiple tableviews in a UIView (UIView Controller)

I’ve been searching all throughout the internet for assistance, however there has been little to no solutions to my issue at hand. My project that im trying to get a gasp on is somewhat unique (UI is not exactly following the typical norms). Current Development Enviroment: xcode 4 storyboards instead of nibs Below is a […]

Reloading UICollectionView causing flickering

I have subclassed a CollectionView and using it using to display a collection of images in different categories. For example: Most Popular, Most Viewed. I access each category/page through a TabbarController. The classes I have are: Main class – MediaList – Base class for fetching and displaying media in a collection view depending on what […]

Swift: PrepareForSegue, Swift Cast failure

I would like to select one cell in my TableViewController. The text of the cell should be transferred via segue to FirstViewController’s label. I always get the error shown below. The identifier is correct. My code: override func prepareForSegue(segue: UIStoryboardSegue!, sender: AnyObject!) { if (segue.identifier == “BackToCalculator”) { //let myRow = tableView.indexPathForSelectedRow().row+1 let vc = […]

Add one row to TableView each day app used

I am building an app that will be used as a daily reading guide. The data is all stored in an XML that will be stored in app, and sorted based off pubDate. On the number of rows in each section code, if I put in just a number, I get errors, but if I […]

UITableViewCell from a custom .XIB file doesn't create outlets

Update 2: Long story short, I was being silly (and, in my defense, not properly educated) about this. It works now. My questions have derailed from the original topic a little bit, but that’s because I wasn’t understanding what was going on in my application. I would like to close the question with one last […]

UITableView delegate and datasource in a separate class after parsing

I need to set my UITableView delegate and datasource from a separate class (data ready after parsing called by a method), but every time my table is emtpy. I’m using ARC and this is simplified code: //HomeViewController.h #import <UIKit/UIKit.h> #import “TableController.h” @interface HomeViewController : UIViewController { IBOutlet UITableView *table; TableController *tableController; } @end and //HomeViewController.m […]

UISegmentedControl not updating view

I am building an app in Xcode 5, and I ran into some strange behavior of UISegmentedControl. first some info on the app i’m building: I’m building an app in which I want to allow users to order products at registered companies. As an extra service, I want to allow them to see the orders […]