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Show custom label when no data available for tableView

The app in question has an ability for users to mark items as favourite. When the user has no favourites saved, I’d like to notify them of the fact (mostly I hate the idea of a blank tableView). My numberOfRowsInSection is zero when there are no items the user has marked as favourite. I’d like […]

Best way to create custom UITableview section header in storyboard

Current I am creating a prototype cell in storyboard and using this cell as a section header. Inside tableView:viewForHeaderInSection: method, I am dequeuing the cell and returning it. My section header cell has a UITextField and a UIButton in it. When I tap on text field keyboard appears but as soon as focus is moved […]

UITableView section index related crashes under iOS 7

I have a simple section index for a table view that appears fine for the first time but then crashes if certain kinds of interaction happens that force a redraw of the section index, either by: Pushing a view controller by tapping on one of the cells Tapping on the search bar in the header […]

How to determine if the user has scrolled to the bottom of the UITableView?

How can I determine if the user has scrolled to the last cell/bottom of a UITableView?

How can I animate the dismissal of a UITableView swipe-to-delete button?

As is done in the iPhone Mail app, I would like have the “Delete” button which appears on swiping an editable table cell from right to left to animate when it is dismissed (by way of tapping elsewhere than the Delete button on the UITableViewCell). Instead, my Delete button immediately disappears when it is dismissed. […]

ABTableViewCell – Adding a UIButton

I have been using the ABTableViewCell to create fast scrolling cells. All is working great apart from I can’t figure out how to add a UIButton to my custom cell. When using ABTableViewCell you do all the drawing of the text/images yourself using drawAtPoint or drawInRect. However UIButton doesn’t support any of these methods. You […]

Add buttons under a tableview

I’m trying to create a view programmatically. The result that i want to have is a scroll view with a tableview inside. And under this table view i want to add some buttons I don’t know exactly how to do that i tried this but it doesn’t work : – (void)loadView { [super loadView]; tableView […]

Creating a Table with Rows and Columns in iOS

I would like to create a table in iOS that have some rows and columns. We also have an option to add amounts to the table. A screenshot of the sample table is posted below: The cells needs to be editable. Is there a way to implement this using the default UITableView in iOS. Or […]

wait till UITableView finish reloadData

Possible Duplicate: Get notified when UITableView has finished asking for data? is it possible to get notification when tableview finish to reload its data after reloadData method? Or is it possible to wait till tableview finish reloading? Thanks

How can I add “load more” option to table view

My App is having a table which is populated by Sqlite DB contains huge amount of data So it causes lazy loading in the table view Here is the code – (void) searchData { //i=0; [newSearchBar setShowsCancelButton:YES animated:YES]; NSLog(@”search data started “); NSLog(@” checking value %@”,newSearchBar.text); NSString *databaseName = @”imeating.sql”; NSArray *documentPaths = NSSearchPathForDirectoriesInDomains(NSDocumentDirectory, NSUserDomainMask,YES); […]