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Dismiss keyboard by touching background of UITableView

I have a UITableView with UITextFields as cells. I would like to dismiss the keyboard when the background of the UITableView is touched. I’m trying to do this by creating a UIButton the size of the UITableView and placing it behind the UITableView. The only problem is the UIButton is catching all the touches even […]

UITableView Cell selected Color?

I have created a custom UITableViewCell. The table view is showing data fine. What I am stuck in is when user touches cell of tableview, then I want to show the background color of the cell other than the default [blue color] values for highlighting the selection of cell. I use this code but nothing […]

Reducing the space between sections of the UITableView

Is there a way to reduce the space between two sections of a UITableView? There are about 15 pixels between every single section I have. I did already try to return 0 for -tableView:heightForFooterInSection: and -tableView:heightForHeaderInSection: but that doesn’t change anything. Any suggestions?

Customize UITableView header section

I want to to customize UITableView header for each section. So far, i’ve implemented -(UIView *)tableView:(UITableView *)tableView viewForHeaderInSection:(NSInteger)section this UITabelViewDelegate method. What i do want to do is get current header for each section and just add UILabel as a subview. So far, i’m not able to accomplish that. Because, i couldn’t find anything to […]

UITableView set to static cells. Is it possible to hide some of the cells programmatically?

UITableView set to static cells. Is it possible to hide some of the cells programmatically?

Drop-Down List in UITableView in iOS

How to Create this type of tableview in iOS?? Here, If we tap on 1st row ‘Account’, then automatically it scrolled with some more rows which is showing in Image. And if again we tap on Account, then that view will be hidden.

How can I disable the UITableView selection highlighting?

When you tap a row in a UITableView, the row is highlighted and selected. Is it possible to disable this so tapping a row does nothing?

How to resize superview to fit all subviews with autolayout?

My understanding of autolayout is that it takes the size of superview and base on constrains and intrinsic sizes it calculates positions of subviews. Is there a way to reverse this process? I want to resize superview on the base of constrains and intrinsic sizes. What is the simplest way of achieving this? I have […]

How to make a push segue when a UITableViewCell is selected

I have a list of effects in a table view. I have created a top right bar button which does a push segue to another view controller which helps create a new effect. Now I want to add push segues to the table view cells so that the effects values maybe loaded on the add […]

Missing return UITableViewCell

I am sure this question have been asked before but I can’t find an answer that solves my problem with nested if-else and switch-case logic. I have a UITableView with two sections, each sections has two custom cells. That is it it. 4 cells. But no matter what I do I get “Missing return in […]