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iOS 7 TableView like in Settings App on iPad

I want to have a group UITableView with the style same like the iPad Settings application Detail view for iOS 7. It is a tableView with rounded corner. Please check the attachment for details. Is some default settings to make it look like that or we need to do some custom drawing for the same. […]

Custom UITableViewCell from nib in Swift

I’m trying to create a custom table view cell from a nib. I’m referring to this article here. I’m facing two issues. I created a .xib file with a UITableViewCell object dragged on to it. I created a subclass of UITableViewCell and set it as the cell’s class and Cell as the reusable identifier. import […]

Setting custom UITableViewCells height

I am using a custum UITableViewCell which has some labels, buttons and imageviews to be displayed. There is one label in the cell whose text is a NSString object and the length of string could be variable. Due to this, I cannot set a constant height to the cell in the UITableViews: heightForCellAtIndex method. The […]

Convert HTML to Plain Text in Swift

I’m working on a simple RSS Reader app as a beginner project in Xcode. I currently have it set up that it parses the feed, and places the title, pub date, description and content and displays it in a WebView. I recently decided to show the description (or a truncated version of the content) in […]

UITableView example for Swift

I’ve been working with Swift and iOS for a number of months now. I am familiar with many of the ways things are done but I’m not good enough that I can just write things up without looking. I’ve appreciated Stack Overflow in the past for providing quick answers to get me back on track […]

How to add spacing between UITableViewCell

Is there any way to add spacing between UITableViewCell? I have created a table and each cell only contain an image. The image is assigned to the cell like this: cell.imageView.image = [myImages objectAtIndex:indexPath.row]; but this make the image enlarged and fit into the whole cell, and there are no spacing between the images. Or […]

Auto layout constraints issue on iOS7 in UITableViewCell

I’m using auto layout constraints programmatically to layout my custom UITableView cells and I’m correctly defining the cell sizes in tableView:heightForRowAtIndexPath: It’s working just fine on iOS6 and it does look fine in iOS7 as well BUT when I run the app on iOS7, here’s the kind of message I see in the console: Break […]

Table Header Views in StoryBoards

Is there a way to insert a Table Header View (tableHeaderView) in StoryBoard (like we used to do in Interface Builder)?

UITableViewCell subview disappears when cell is selected

I’m implementing a color-chooser table view where the user can select amongst, say, 10 colors (depends on the product). The user can also select other options (like hard drive capacity, …). All color options are inside their own tableview section. I want to display a little square on the left of the textLabel showing the […]

How to determine UIWebView height based on content, within a variable height UITableView?

I am trying to create a UITableView with variable height rows as explained in the answer to this question My problem is each cell contains a UIWebView with different (statically loaded) content I can’t figure out how to calculate the proper height based on the content. Is there a way to do this? I’ve tried […]