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iOS 7 Table view fail to auto adjust content inset

I am transiting my project to iOS7. I am facing a strange problem related to the translucent navigation bar. I have a view controller and it has a tableview as subview (let’s call it ControllerA) . I init a new uinavigationcontroller with the controllerA and present it modally using presentviewcontroller. The presented view controller’s table […]

How can I get the UITableView scroll position so I can save it?

Is there any way to find out which UITableViewCell is at the top of the scroll window? I’d like to get the current scroll position so that I can save it when the app exits. When the app gets started I want to scroll to the position it was at when it last exited.

UITableView Core Data reordering

I know this question has been asked before, and I took a look at the answer to this question. However, I’m still confused as to how to implement reordering with a UITableView in a Core Data project. What I know is that I need to have a “displayOrder” attribute in my Entity to track the […]

How to scroll UITableView to specific position

How can I scroll the table’s cell to specific position ? I have a table which shows 3 rows (according to height). what I want is if I click on 1st row than according to table’s height the 1st row should scroll and get new position (center) and same for other rows. I tried contenOffset […]

Customizing Section indexes in UITableView in iphone application

Does any one have tried to customize default section index displayed in UITableView. I want to modify the appearance of UITableView SectionIndex. Is it possible to customize it ? Is there any delegate methods available for this ? What delegate methods should I use – if above question’s answer is yes? I have uploaded an […]

UITableView delegate method called twice

Today my question is about UITableViewController-s In particular I have noticed that the datasource delegate method – (NSInteger)numberOfSectionsInTableView:(UITableView *)tableView; is called twice (even if for instance I just create a navigation based application and without adding a line of code.. well adding an NSLog to track it). Now, since in my application I need to […]

iPad – More than one UITableView in the same screen

I coding app from iPad and I have to put two separate UITableView in the same screen. For this app I canĀ“t put the UITableView and divid in two sections for requisits reason. It must be two separated. Well, in this case how I can fill the rows of UITableView. Can I have create a […]

iOS 7 – Keyboard animation

I’m trying to understand the new keyboard animation in iOS 7.0 on the iPhone 5 Simulator. I want to resize my UITableView when the keyboard appears, but I can’t get the right animation details. I’m using the information from the NSNotification object, when the keyboard appears or disappears. Here is my log: Move keyboard from […]

Can you do custom animations for UITableView Cell Inserts?

I’ve got a UITableView that is being populated by an NSFetchedResultsController. On the initial load of the table I would like the Cells to be animated in but I would like to do a little bit more custom animation than [tableView insertRowsAtIndexPaths:withRowAnimation:]; Allows. Specifically I would like to slow down the animations and have them […]

How to reload and animate just one UITableView cell/row?

how can I reload and animate just one cell/row ? Right now i download some files. Everytime a file finished downloading, i call it’s finished delegate and call [tableview reload]. But then the whole table reloads. And how can i animate the table, so that it doesn’t blink in. For example a fade effect or […]