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How to add a subview that has its own UIViewController in Objective-C?

I am struggling with subviews that have their own UIViewControllers. I have a UIViewController with a view (light pink) and two buttons on a toolbar. I want blue view to display when the first button is pressed and the yellow view to display with the second button is pressed. Should be easy if I just […]

how to set the selected check mark as ticked in tableview cell swift 3.0

I am using one UITableView to select the country with tick mark. But when I move to other screen and when I come back my check mark is invisible. It seems like the country what I am selecting is fine, But after I move to other screen an come back, The selected tick mark is […]

UITableView in table view's headerView

Relating to UITableView sections to always stay within view but I got an idea I’m not sure of: Has anyone ever tried to nest a UITableView in another UITableView, whether by putting the second one as the tableHeaderView or as a section header of the first one?

Basic Registration Page – iOS

I am a complete beginner with iOS (started yesterday). I am trying too create a simple register page with text boxes and labels. I have done this with a UITable view – which looks pretty decent for a first attempt. However, I am facing an issue where the bottom values on my form are hidden […]

Using UITableViewCell in a UITableView

I’m a little confused with something. I’m trying to create a custom cell and I want to use the interface builder way. The normal way I create a table is to have the table as: .h @interface AssessList : UIViewController { IBOutlet UITableView *tblAssessList; } @property(nonatomic, retain) UITableView *tblAssessList; @end .m – (NSInteger) numberOfSectionsInTableView:(UITableView *)tableView […]

UITableViewCell with Checkmark, duplicating checkmarks

So far search on Stack Overflow I havent found a situation that is like mine. Any assistance is greatly appreciated: I keep seeing that if I put a checkmark on Person A, Person H will also have one as well as does a person about 10 away. Basically abut every 10 it repeats a check […]

UITableView scrolling madness

I have a table view which gets data from a core data array. When I try to assign the value of the object “Post” to something or NSLog it the table scrolling lags. Here is my code: – (UITableViewCell *)tableView:(UITableView *)tableView cellForRowAtIndexPath:(NSIndexPath *)indexPath { static NSString *CellIdentifier = @”CellCell”; UITableViewCell *cell = [tableView dequeueReusableCellWithIdentifier:CellIdentifier]; Post […]

Access UITableView cell and swipe between them from DetailView using XCode 4

I’m making my first app and I’m using XCode 4 with a Storyboard. Thanks to this place, lots of tutorials, Apple’s archives databases and a bit of me, I’m slowly getting the basics together. It’s an app populated from a plist. The plist is an array with dictionaries, the dictionarires containing stings with info about […]

Data from Plist is Incorrectly Ordered in UITableView

I have data that is stored in a plist but when I pull it to my UITableView it gets reordered for some reason. Here are my table view data source methods: – (NSInteger)numberOfSectionsInTableView:(UITableView *)tableView { return [self.lunch_Dinner count]; } – (NSString *)tableView:(UITableView *)tableView titleForHeaderInSection:(NSInteger)section { return [[self.lunch_Dinner allKeys] objectAtIndex:section]; } – (NSInteger)tableView:(UITableView *)tableView numberOfRowsInSection:(NSInteger)section { […]

Using indexPath.row to get an object from an array

How do i use indexPath.row to get an object from an array? I have tried with the following code but it returns “signal SIGABRT”.. Please help – (UITableViewCell *)tableView:(UITableView *)tableView cellForRowAtIndexPath:(NSIndexPath *)indexPath { static NSString *CellIdentifier = @”Cell”; UITableViewCell *cell = [tableView dequeueReusableCellWithIdentifier:CellIdentifier]; if (cell == nil) { cell = [[[UITableViewCell alloc] initWithStyle:UITableViewCellStyleDefault reuseIdentifier:CellIdentifier] autorelease]; […]