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iOS Container View in UITableViewCell

I’m trying to add another view controller inside a UITableView cell. The idea is that you tap the cell, and it expands to show more content–a messaging interface. It’s important (I think) that this is controlled by a separate Messaging ViewController. Expanding the cell and having views inside the cell expand with the proper constraints […]

How to make a cell on a UITableView not selectable?

I have a cell that I am inserting to the top of a UITableView. How can I make sure that when the user clicks on the cell, it doesn’t show the blue selected indicator?

How to import music file from iphone music library to iPhone App

In MY iPhone App I am able to browse iphone Music Library even I am importing media file name to my app music file list but while running app next time i am not getting media file name which I imported previously In My App i am importing songs from one folder “MusicSampler” which is […]

Why does my animation in my cell disappear when the cell is selected?

I have an animation as my image in one of my tableview’s cells. When it is clicked, it turns the default blue and the image disappears! The navigation loads the new view, and when it I go back to the first view, hoping my animation returns, alas, there is no image :(. I don’t do […]

(custom) UITableViewCell's mixing up after scrolling

Ive been on this problem for a few weeks now. Basically when i scroll up/down within a TableView thar uses a Custom Cell designed in IB all the content gets mixed up and misplaced Ive tried multiple solutions but to no avail, your gonna have to excuse my code a little bit. People keep suggesting […]

iPhone SDK: loading UITableView from SQLite

I think I got a good handle on UITableViews and on getting/inserting data from/to SQLite db. I am straggling with an architectural question. My application saves 3 values int the database, there can be many/many rows. However would I load them in the table? From all the tutorials I have seen, at one point entire […]

iOS UICollectionView inside UITableViewCell

I want to implement a list containing several images grouped together like in the following mockup. The number of images to display in each section is dynamic and may vary. I also all images in a section to be always visible (without having to scroll horizontally or vertically). What is the best approach to achieve […]

objective – C : Loading image from URL?

Sorry for question title. I can not find a suitable title. I have UITableView content images from url when i open the UITableView the View did not show until the images loaded and that takes along time. I get the images from JSON by php. I want to show the table and then images loading […]

How to eliminate the left and right margins of a grouped UITableView

If I have a grouped UITableView, it comes with a grayish border/buffer around the edge of it. Is there any way to tell how large this buffer is, or equivalently, how big the actual white cell inside it is?

Dynamic UITableView cell height with AutoLayout with Dynamic Type Labels

I’m implementing my tableview cells using AutoLayout to show an image and 2 labels, using Dynamic Type for adaptive font size. I implemented estimatedHeightForRowAtIndexPath, which makes perfect sense and is easy to use. I don’t use interface builder for the cells. Instead I use Masonry, which shouldn’t make any difference. I’m currently struggling with calculating […]