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How to set a custom keyboard for UIWebView

How to show a custom keyboard and Input Accessory View for a editable UIWebView for iOS7 and up. i.e: How can i set and make use a value from [UIWebView setInputView:] and [UIWebView setInputAccessoryView:]

How to show UIWebView's scroll indicators

I have a UIWebView with some content and I need to make its scroll indicator visible for a short time (like [UIScrollView flashScrollIndicators]). Any idea how to do this?

Back Button on UIWebView

I’m trying to figure out how to create a back button that allows the user to go back one page. I read through Apple’s Docs (which still go way over my head) and found out that I need to setup the canGoBack and goBack‘s. I have tried this, but for some reason it is not […]

UIWebView scaling page so that there is no need for horizontal scrolling

Is there a way to scale a web page in a UIWebView that maintains the aspect ratio but alleviates the need to scroll horizontally to read an article, for example. Vertical scrolling is fine, I just don’t want the user to have to constantly be scrolling back and forth horizontally to read each line of […]

load local image into UIWebView

I want to take a screenshot and then send to webview a local path for it, so it will show it. I know that webview could take images from NSBundle but this screenshots are created dynamically – can I add something to it by code? I was trying it like this: UIGraphicsBeginImageContext( webView.bounds.size); [self.view.layer renderInContext:UIGraphicsGetCurrentContext()]; […]

Issues in generating PDF from uiwebview in objective c

I have open pdf file in uiwebview, add image and text in uiwebview subview.Then i tried created pdf file. Below sample i have used to generate pdf file. Multiple page writing in single page. How can i write sample quality and exact size. Please check screen shots and below source UIGraphicsBeginPDFContextToData( pdfData, CGRectZero, nil ); […]

How to detect the playing state of the audio in UIWebView in iOS?

I have an UIWebView to load a html web link:http://m.y.qq.com in my iOS app. I don’t know how to detect the playing state of the audio in UIWebView. I just need to know whether the audio in UIWebView is playing or not in my iOS app, so that I can do something. I have searched […]

Intercepting links in images in UIWebView

In my app, I have a webview, and wanted to open images loaded in a webpage in a separate view controller, which is fine, all I need to do is get the URL to the source of the image & load it in a different view controller, which I can do. Here is the code […]

UIWebView: open some links in Safari, some within the view

My app features content that (for text formatting reasons) is presented in an UIWebView. Within the content there are links, some of which should open their target in mobile Safari, while others should navigate within the content. So far, I’ve catched the link requests using a UIWebView delegate. In my implementation of -(BOOL)webView:(UIWebView *)webView shouldStartLoadWithRequest:(NSURLRequest […]

custom buttons on uiwebview(iphone)

I want to add custom button on webView. they should also should be there when i try anything in url. how is it possible?? basically i want to put buttons on uiwebView and they are custom buttons //edited code… I am doing this…here link is appearing but method is not getting called…and there wasnot any […]