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Can IOS devices stream m3u8 segmented video from the local file system using html5 video and phonegap/cordova?

I’m using phonegap/cordova 2.1 and my app has locally stored assets (on the device) which need to be encrypted on build and decrypted in memory when used in execution. The app is for iPad only. For the videos I want to implement something similar to http://codebycoffee.com/2012/01/08/decrypting-http-streaming-video-with-nsurlprotocol where mediafilesegmenter is used to segment and encrypt each […]

how to play online video those are on server

I have videos on my server. I would like to play those video on iPhone and iPad. Could anyone suggest how to deal with such case? I know how to play video when the same video is in my project using MPMoviePlayerController.

How to record a video clip in ipad app and store it in documents folder

I have training app i want that when user click recordVideo button camera should launch to record video, is there any way to do this in ipad app.I have done audio recording already i need to do video recording.

Determening MPMovieController bit-rate

Is there a way to determine the bit-rate of the stream an MPMovieController is playing? I am programming in objective-c on iOS

multipeer connectivity for video streaming between iphones

i’ve been searching on this for some days now. I’ve found how to connect devices with the multipeer connectivity protocol (http://techmaster.vn/2013/09/multipeer-connectivity-quick-tutorial/) and i’ve manage to send text or images. What i want to do is to stream video and audio from the camera of the one device (master) to the other device(slave) in real time […]

Writing an app to stream video to iPhone

I’m interested in creating an iPhone app that can stream video from a central server, YouTube style. I was wondering if anyone has ever tried to do this before, what is the path of least resistant, existing APIs, etc? I really know nothing about how this is generally done. Would I be working with sockets? […]

SKVideoNode only on a small part of SCNSphere

I’m using SKVideoNode as a material for my sphere for 360 video, but it only renders the video on the xy positive part of the sphere, I’m streaming the video from a URL it’s a .m3u8 for reference see – SKVideoNode as texture for SCNSphere Multiple people seem to be having the same issue as […]

AVPlayer seekToTime does not play at correct position

I have an AVPlayer which is playing a HLS video stream. My user interface provides a row of buttons, one for each “chapter” in the video (the buttons are labeled “1”, “2”, “3”). The app downloads some meta-data from a server which contains the list of chapter cut-in points denoted in seconds. For example, one […]

How do I play Youtube videos using the phonegap-videoplayer-plugin?

I am using a Phonegap plugin for playing a video in my iOS app. I’m able to play a video with the URL format like http://easyhtml5video.com/images/happyfit2.mp4. How do I play Youtube videos using the phonegap-videoplayer-plugin?

How to play youtube video without UIWebView or detect video player when youtube video start playing using webview?

I need to play youtube video in my iOS application and while video is playing I need to add an overlay on video. 1.Now how can i run youtube video in native player? 2.if I play video in UIWebview then how can i detect that video is playing and how to add overlay on the […]