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SKVideoNode only on a small part of SCNSphere

I’m using SKVideoNode as a material for my sphere for 360 video, but it only renders the video on the xy positive part of the sphere, I’m streaming the video from a URL it’s a .m3u8 for reference see – SKVideoNode as texture for SCNSphere Multiple people seem to be having the same issue as […]

AVPlayer seekToTime does not play at correct position

I have an AVPlayer which is playing a HLS video stream. My user interface provides a row of buttons, one for each “chapter” in the video (the buttons are labeled “1”, “2”, “3”). The app downloads some meta-data from a server which contains the list of chapter cut-in points denoted in seconds. For example, one […]

How do I play Youtube videos using the phonegap-videoplayer-plugin?

I am using a Phonegap plugin for playing a video in my iOS app. I’m able to play a video with the URL format like http://easyhtml5video.com/images/happyfit2.mp4. How do I play Youtube videos using the phonegap-videoplayer-plugin?

How to play youtube video without UIWebView or detect video player when youtube video start playing using webview?

I need to play youtube video in my iOS application and while video is playing I need to add an overlay on video. 1.Now how can i run youtube video in native player? 2.if I play video in UIWebview then how can i detect that video is playing and how to add overlay on the […]

Move and fix moov atom of video recorded on phone iOS

The question is how do you find and move the moov atom of a .mov file that is recorded on an iOS device so you can stream it over http. There is one way to do it but that requires to export it to file which in theory makes you copy the entire file over […]

Stream video while downloading iOS

I am using iOS 7 and I have a .mp4 video that I need to download in my app. The video is large (~ 1 GB) which is why it is not included as part of the app. I want the user to be able to start watching the video as soon as is starts […]

What Techniques Are Best To Live Stream iPhone Video Camera Data To a Computer?

I would like to stream video from an iPhone camera to an app running on a Mac. Think sorta like video chat but only one way, from the device to a receiver app (and it’s not video chat). My basic understanding so far: You can use AVFoundation to get ‘live’ video camera data without saving […]

Is it possible to cache HLS segments with AVPlayer?

Root Problem​ Our video buffers a lot when seeking in iOS. It buffers quite a bit more than our web player which saves copies of the already watched segments in temp storage. ​Desired Solution​ Caching the video segments locally on the device’s disk. We’re fine with caching a single quality and always replaying it. ​Blocker​ […]

Set rate at which AVSampleBufferDisplayLayer renders sample buffers

I am using an AVSampleBufferDisplayLayer to display CMSampleBuffers which are coming over a network connection in the h.264 format. Video playback is smooth and working correctly, however I cannot seem to control the frame rate. Specifically, if I enqueue 60 frames per second in the AVSampleBufferDisplayLayer it displays those 60 frames, even though the video […]

How to use Media Segmenter for split video?

I have read many documents still very confused about HTTP Live Streaming. But i am still trying for solution.. and i have convert my video in .ts format with ffmpeg. Now i know that i have to split my video and have to create playlist with the use of mediasegmenter. But i don’t know where […]