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UITableView: load all cells

Is it possible to load all cells of an UITableView when the view is loaded so that they are not loaded when I’m scrolling? (I would show a loading screen while doing this) Please, it’s the only way at my project (sorry too complicate to explain why ^^) EDIT: Okay let me explain you, what […]

Nested optimization should never be triggered. This is probably due to autolayout work happening inside an NSISVariable delegate callback

App crashed and log gave me this message: “Nested optimization should never be triggered. This is probably due to autolayout work happening inside an NSISVariable delegate callback, which is not allowed.” How to fix this?

Why does the first run of “XCTestCase -measureBlock:” takes so much time?

I’m using Xcode 7. iPhone 5s simulator (iOS 9.0). I’m trying to use XCTestCase -measureBlock: to measure time spent on some of my functions. This runs the code inside the block 10 times and report the results how long each run takes, the average, STDEV, etc. It turns out that the time of first run […]

how to access previous view elements in UINavigationController

I have a UINavigationController in which I am loading different view controllers. I want to know how can i access the elements (like labels etc) of my previous view. Here is an eg. View A myLabel.text = @”first view”; (User moves to view B) View B (user entered a message, that i need to display […]

compare two NSDate fails

I try to compare two NSDate objects. But it fails all the time and I can not see what is wrong. -(IBAction)nextAction { NSDate *today = [NSDate date]; if([appStateDate compare:today] == NSOrderedAscending) { dispatch_async(calcQueue, ^{ [self plusOneDate]; }); } } Without the code it works fine. it just crashes, and EXE_BAD_ACCESS on this line in […]

Closest thing to XCode, Objective-C on Windows (Not Hackintosh), perhaps interface-builder

I have to do some XCode/iPhone SDK work tomorrow, and i would like to know how I can prepare on Windows. What is the closest I can get to XCode and/or Objective-C developer experience, ideally IOS or similar Objective-C GUI. Can also be say an interface-builder that works in a similar way. I know Hackintosh/Vmware […]

Is there a good iPhone pie chart library which will produce good look 3d pie charts?

I can’t find a library which will produce good looking 3d pie charts for the iphone? I had a look at the core plot wiki and their pie didn’t look that good…

Take screenshot in iPhone Simulator in Xcode 9

How can I take screenshot of size 1242 x 2208(required for App Store) from iPhone 8 Plus simulator in XCode 9.0? I can’t resize the simulator like we did in earlier versions of XCode. Is there any way to do it?

unable to create lldb private: Xcode can't run the app on iphone

After I changed something on the project settings all of sudden, I am getting “unable to create lldb private”error and xcode can’t run the app on my iphone Any idea please?

Edit Programmatically plist in the App bundle at development time

I have created a plist on XCode that will have a few values that I can’t insert manually. So I want to add this values programmatically at development time. But it seems that I can only read the plist I can not save a plist that is on the App bundle, which makes sense at […]