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Xcode iOS project only shows “My Mac 64-bit” but not simulator or device

This just started happening that my iOS project is only showing “My Mac 64-bit” rather than the Simulator or my iPhone to build to. I have no idea why this is happening. I do not think that I have changed anything. I have my project set to iOS 5 as the base SDK, but no […]

Trying to read a Xcode Instruments .trace file. What is the file format of a .trace file?

I am writing an automated profiling system, to profile different GPU intensive screens in my App. I have been trying to use ‘XCode Instruments’ for this, with the ‘OpenGL ES Driver’ instrument that captures the gpu usage data. My automated system runs Xcode Instruments from the command line which runs the App, profiles and captures […]

Sharing with iOS 6.0 native Facebook integration: “Posted via my app name”?

I have just integrated facebook into my app via ios 6 but I have an issue when posting on my wall. It simply says “post via ios app”. I want it to say “posted via the app name”. I have made an app identity with facebook and I have the app number they have assigned […]

How can I run the iOS 7.1 Simulator in Xcode 7.0 beta 2?

I have installed latest Xcode 7 beta 2 version, when I am trying to run the application in iOS 7.1 Simulator its giving this error message: The iOS 7.1 simulator runtime is not available. Unable to open liblaunch_sim.dylib. Try reinstalling Xcode or the simulator runtime. Could you please let me know how to resolve this […]

How to I import 3rd party frameworks into Xcode Playground?

How do I import 3rd part frameworks into Xcode Playground? Swift Playground obviously has a framework import mechanism because we can import Cocoa, SpriteKit, and in an OSX Playground, XCPlayground (XCPlayground seems missing from iOS, oddly) What I’d really like to do is hide code from my playground and be able to show a minimal […]

iOS 7 / Xcode 5: Access device launch images programmatically

Is there any way to use the apps LaunchImage as a background in an universal iOS app without putting the same image resources in multiple places? I wasn’t able to access the LaunchImage files in Images.xcassets, so I created two new Image Sets “Background Portrait” and “Background Landscape” (since there seems to be no way […]

XCode 4 “Clean” vs. “Clean Build Folder”

You come at a certain point in the development of every app that what you see in the simulator does not match what you think should happen. Mostly these are human errors — or at least they are in most of my cases 😉 — but sometimes Xcode has just ‘lost track’, or so it […]

iOS Screenshot part of the screen

I have an App that takes a screenshot of a UIImageView with the following code: -(IBAction) screenShot: (id) sender{ UIGraphicsBeginImageContext(sshot.frame.size); [self.view.layer renderInContext:UIGraphicsGetCurrentContext()]; UIImage *viewImage = UIGraphicsGetImageFromCurrentImageContext(); UIGraphicsEndImageContext(); UIImageWriteToSavedPhotosAlbum(viewImage,nil, nil, nil); } This works well but I need to be able to position where I take the screenshot basically I need to grad only a third […]

IOS: launch image multiple language

I should to create a multiple language app; my problem is launch image, what’s the way to use a launch image according to language of device. id there something in plist file?

You are not authorised to use this service iTunes app upload error

Since the Apple “Users & Roles” update to iTunesConnect end of november 2015 some people have been experiencing an error message “iTunes Store operation Failed” and “You are not authorized to use this service”. This happens when using XCode 6 and 7 Previously i was able to upload app using the same iTunes account.