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Can I create or use the view controller like SLComposeViewController for the social networks other than Twitter and Facebook

Can I create or use the view controller like SLComposeViewController for the social networks other than Twitter and Facebook? I want to have the similar look for all of the social networks interactions. Is it possible? If yes, how can I do it? Thanks in advance.

Modifying Running Code in Xcode Fix (found in the 'Run' menu)

I am attempting to use the ‘Fix’ command found in the ‘Run’ menu in Xcode to modify my running code without having to rebuild. I have read apple’s documentation on it but following their ‘typical fix-and-continue workflow:’ (http://developer.apple.com/library/mac/#documentation/DeveloperTools/Conceptual/XcodeDebugging/230-Modifying_Running_Code/modifying_running_code.html) doesn’t seem to be working for me… Here is what i am doing (from scratch): – create […]

the app is not seen in itunes connect after successfull uploading from xcode

I uploaded the app from xcode, and it uploaded successfully. Then i discovered that this version appeared in “activity” and it was in processing state. Then in a minute it just dissapears everytime. I dont know what to do. I don’t know if apple sent me an email or not. Because the currently used developer […]

Fixing Crash :Critical failure: the LastResort font is unavailable

I am using this tutorial for using sqlite to insert 10000 entries using this code in my viewcontroller.m – (void)viewDidLoad { [super viewDidLoad]; // Do any additional setup after loading the view from its nib. [self AddTHousandsOfEntry]; } -(void)AddTHousandsOfEntry { for (int i=0; i<100500; i++) { NSString *regNo=[NSString stringWithFormat:@”%d”,i]; NSString *name=[NSString stringWithFormat:@”name%d”,i]; NSString *department=[NSString stringWithFormat:@”department%d”,i]; […]

How to draw custom line on MKMapview?

I’ve been searching for a way to draw a custom line, but the only help I can find is how to draw lines with an UIColor. I want to draw a straight line but not just with a color. I want the appearance of the line to be customizable. (So right now I can draw […]

Page curl – Leaves Project – Interaction elements

Has anyone updated leaves page curl project to support Views with Interaction elements ? As of Leaves doesnot support that. or Is there any good alternate libraries – I have tried AFKFlipper.

Cannot run Matlab Mex files on Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5 with Xcode Version 4.3.2

When I am trying to run c++ codes on matlab, I use the following commands: mex ‘-setup’ (Then I select the following two options which are: 1: /Applications/MATLAB_R2011a_Student.app/bin/gccopts.sh : Template Options file for building gcc MEX-files and 2: /Applications/MATLAB_R2011a_Student.app/bin/mexopts.sh : Template Options file for building MEX-files via the system ANSI compiler When I select either […]

How do I launch a new view right after a purchase is made and how can I make this view the new view at App Launch?

I want to add an in-app purchase that enables users to unlock some hidden content. Once the purchase has been made, I need the user to be automatically redirected to a new View. What’s more, this new view would then become the main view at App launch. I use MKStoreKit, and a new test user […]

iOS some problems during download multiple images and update UIProgressView

I have this 3 classes. MyViewController.m (click to see code) MySync.m (click to see code) ImageDownload.m (click to see code) When I download a image, I try to update the UIProgressView in my UIViewController, but the update are delayed, and I see a strange problem (see the blank space in attach image). When all downloads […]

Can I init an NSArray in a Singleton with specific values (like a const)?

I have a Singleton and I’d like to declare an NSArray, but I’d like to init it with 5 (non -consecutive) integers. Right now it’s declared in the .h>Interface, .h>@property, and .m>@synthesize. How can I do this? Thanks.