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XCode compile time error on simultor

I am trying to build my XCode project and this is what I get. The project runs fine on a device but fails to run on simulator. Can someone please explain me why this is happening. I have tried removing this library from the project and add it again. It still fails to run on […]

How to convert a view-based iOS project an universal build?

I have a view-based iOS cocoa touch application built and is running on iPhone.Now I need to convert it as an universal application in order to run that on both iPhone and iPad.I dont know how to change a view-based as an universal build application. How can I convert it?

video orientation UIImagePickerController

I am choosing videos using UIImagePickerController, then uploading the video to a web server using ASIHTTPRequest. However, videos that were shot with the iPhone held upside-down in landscape or portrait are inverted on the web server. When those uploaded videos are viewed on an iPhone, they are also scaled thy 75% or so vertically so […]

How to read seperate fields in a csv file and compare with user input?

I am building an app where use can upload a csv file that contains First Name, Last Name and email in 3 seperate columns. User interface will have 3 text fields and a button. When user enters the first name or last name or email, and click search button, the whole documenent must be searched […]

how can I send vCard through sms message in code?

how can I send vCards through sms message in code ? I want to build the vCard in code and send it in MFMessageComposeViewController.

Static cells in UITableViewController opening different URL on the same nib

I am quite new to UITableViewController, I would like to make a static cells UITableViewController and each static cells open up the same nib file but the URL of the UIWebView will be different. e.g. row 1 will open google.com and row 2 in yahoo.com. May I know how can i do that? Thanks

How to fit view controller for all iPhones?

I’m working on some apps and I am seriously sad about setting the viewcontroller. Whenever I try my app on different iPhones it looks so fitful. I just want to see my app automatically resized on all iPhones. I made an example app to explain better. This is the iPhone 5 screen and this is […]

Xcode tutorial throws execution error

I have completed “Your Second iOS App” only to have the execution fail before the iPhone simulator completes it startup and see signal SIGABRT in Xcode. At the bottom of the tutorial page there is a listing of all the .h and .m files. There are two peculiar things that I have noticed. (1) Two […]

C++ Vector appear to be faster than C Array (Time). Why ?

Hello I have seen that C++ Vector vs Array (Time). On my mac the vector take times to be defined but after the comparison give vector for winner. How it works ? I was said int[] are faster than dynamic vector ? #include <iostream> #include <vector> using namespace std; #define N (100000000) //int sd[N]; int […]

UIImageview Animation Starts using for-in loop and animation delays

I need to animate an UIimageview and when i start animation it happens after long time and i found that memory is leaked somewhere at the time of continuous animation for various image views. All I need to do is i have n number of UIviews in scroll view and each view have an custom […]