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Tab Bar Controller- switch UIView within one tab

ok here is my applications setup: Two xib’s MainWindow.xib NewsletterView.xib Set up as follows: MainWindow.xib Files owner First Responder The Delegate Window Tab Bar Controller–setup to load tabs from .xib’s Two tabs -Newsletter -Map I’m not concerned about the Map tab. Within the NewsletterView.xib ( i do have the .h and .m files setup) Files […]

Added table view cells follow 1 custom style?

I am wanting to create a custom UITableView cell. I would like to know how to do this. I understand how to actually create it and write code for it, but how can i create 1 style and then when i have more cells added, i want the same style. How can i do this? […]

iconv library on Mac OS X: strange behavior

I am porting application from CentOS 6 to Mac OS X. It depends on iconv and works in CentOS normally. However, on Mac OS X it doesn’t. I see following behavior: const char *codePages[] = { “MAC”, “LATIN1”, “ISO_8859-1”, “WINDOWS-1252”, “ASCII” }; int codePagesCount = 5; iconv_t converter1 = iconv_open(“UTF-32”, codePages[0]);// Works if(converter1 != (iconv_t)-1) […]

Passing custom objects between two iOS Apps

I need some help on something. I have two apps under my account. I need to pass a custom object from App A to App B. How can I do this using app groups ? I saw that using URL schemes is a old a way of doing it. So what is the newest way […]

Xcode: simulators shows correct xib interface, but on device, it's showing old interface

Possible Duplicate: Xcode shows old, deleted xib files My problem is: I have updated one of the xib file in Xcode, it works well for iPhone/iPad simulators, but when I try to run on device (iPhone), it still shows the old interface. I have tried delete the app on device, clean the project in Xcode […]

How to reference property of static library

I’m referencing another project’s target static library. I successfully followed instructions from this site. Below is the project using a class named FileIO from the library. I create a FileIO object and assign a string to its name property. Then I get a __TERMINATING_DUE_TO_UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION__ on the assignment of name. In applicationDidFinishLaunching I do this: fileObj […]

Login.xib then launch mainmenu.xib XCode OS X

What is the step by step guide to show a login.xib for the user then based on the result show the mainmenu.xib? I tried to change the login.xib and change the “Main Interface” in “General” project settings to it but when it loads I get: Could not connect the action loginButton: to target of class […]

Integration of RestKit with Django-Tastypie

This is my first project using RestKit and I am trying to make my simple iOS application synchronize with a set of API served by a Django application using the Tastypie package. My iOS application is based on the Core Data Default Xcode application. I’m trying to retrieve objects from a simple model : Car […]

Copy of string from one view to another view in iphone

hi i am new to iphone development. I’m trying with sample where I need to copy a string from the textfield of viewController and display it on the next view with a Label. On the first view there is button bellow the textfield.1 I am not able to fix some issues showing BAD ACESS can […]

How show tag of button?

In below code i want display tag of each button on console. I tried for that but it show out of scope. How do that? – (void)loadView { [super loadView]; self.view.backgroundColor = [UIColor redColor]; UIScrollView *scroll = [[UIScrollView alloc] initWithFrame:CGRectMake(0, 0, self.view.frame.size.width, self.view.frame.size.height)]; scroll.pagingEnabled = YES; NSInteger numberOfViews = 33; [btnMenu setTag:0 ]; for (int […]