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gcc command line on Mac OS X with XCode 2.5

I am currently running a MacBook Pro with Mac OS X Version 10.5.8. I downloaded XCode version 2.5 and installed it. Further, I added /XCode2.5/usr/bin to my PATH. Here is hello.cc program: #include <iostream> int main(void) { std::cout << “hello, world” << std:endl; } Here is what happens: $> g++ hello.cc hello.cc: In function ‘int […]

XCode Custom Activity Indicator – Hide after UIWebView Loads (webViewDidFinishLoad)

I’m using the code found here http://blog.blackwhale.at/?p=336 to create a custom activityIndicator in the current version of xCode. This code uses a series of .png images in an array and then displays them at the set interval to create an animated loading image that you can then place on the screen (and assuming you can […]

Xcode 8 Says Provisioning Profile Has aps-environment entitlement but after export Archive aps-environment is missing

So in Xcode the provision profile says that aps-environment entitlement is part of it but after Archive the provisioning profile is missing the aps-entitlement.

Build app for IOS 9.3 and 10.0

I’m fairly new to iOS app development. I have had a quick look but can’t find an answer but sorry in advance if this is a duplicate. I have an iOS app developed in Swift 2.3 using the 9.3 SDK but I also want it to work on 10.0. I have set the Base SDK […]

unused variable warning when variable is actually being used

I am given a warning in Xcode that a variable I am using, is not being used: – (void)timerTicked:(id)sender { [timerButton setTitle:[self timerIsActive] ? @”Stop timer” : @”Start Timer” forState:UIControlStateNormal]; if([self timerIsActive]) { NSTimeInterval interval = [[NSDate date] timeIntervalSinceDate:timeEntry.startDate]; double seconds = (int) interval % 60; double minutes = (int) interval / 60.0; double hours […]

iPhone Block SMS using xcoding,Private Frameworks whatever

this is Nsr.. I need some help about using private frameworks, i have checked almost all the links and articles about PF, but it didn’t help me whatsoever. Iv also looked into Github but didn’t get the required answer/result. I want to build an app regarding iPhone messaging. i want my phone not to recieve […]

Two UIPickerViews and different combinations lead to different photos

I am very new to swift Xcode and would like some help on UIPickerView. I am trying to create two UIPickerViews, one called “From” and one called “To”. “From” contains A, B and “To” contains B, C Basically, if “From” is A and “To” is B then a Photo of car will appear on the […]

Attaching another view to the same “files owner”

I am not sure how to ask this, or if it is already answered, but I cannot find anything specific. Basically, what I want to do is have a view/xib that has the same “Files owner” information as another view. The purpose of this would be to have an ipad view, much like the viewCOntroller_iphone/viewcontroller_ipad […]

Shell script for remove the unneeded architectures while archiving not working

I have tried to use the shell scripts of @Varrry and @pAkY88 on the question Submit to App Store issues: Unsupported Architecture x86 but they are not working while archiving,the unneeded architectures are not removed, so when I’m trying to upload to the Store I get the error: “Unsupported Architecture. Your executable contains unsupported architecture […]

Mo pub + iAds in iPhone landscape game

Now I got one requirement to use MoPub+iAds in iPhone game. I used mo pub sdk and initialized view like this MPAdView *moPubAdView = [[MPAdView alloc] initWithAdUnitId:MOPUB_ADS_ACCOUNT_ID size:MOPUB_BANNER_SIZE]; But this displays 320×50 in size. How to enable iAd for this view? Now it is displaying only mo pub ads.