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Xcode 8 Says Provisioning Profile Has aps-environment entitlement but after export Archive aps-environment is missing

So in Xcode the provision profile says that aps-environment entitlement is part of it but after Archive the provisioning profile is missing the aps-entitlement.

Build app for IOS 9.3 and 10.0

I’m fairly new to iOS app development. I have had a quick look but can’t find an answer but sorry in advance if this is a duplicate. I have an iOS app developed in Swift 2.3 using the 9.3 SDK but I also want it to work on 10.0. I have set the Base SDK […]

unused variable warning when variable is actually being used

I am given a warning in Xcode that a variable I am using, is not being used: – (void)timerTicked:(id)sender { [timerButton setTitle:[self timerIsActive] ? @”Stop timer” : @”Start Timer” forState:UIControlStateNormal]; if([self timerIsActive]) { NSTimeInterval interval = [[NSDate date] timeIntervalSinceDate:timeEntry.startDate]; double seconds = (int) interval % 60; double minutes = (int) interval / 60.0; double hours […]

iPhone Block SMS using xcoding,Private Frameworks whatever

this is Nsr.. I need some help about using private frameworks, i have checked almost all the links and articles about PF, but it didn’t help me whatsoever. Iv also looked into Github but didn’t get the required answer/result. I want to build an app regarding iPhone messaging. i want my phone not to recieve […]

Two UIPickerViews and different combinations lead to different photos

I am very new to swift Xcode and would like some help on UIPickerView. I am trying to create two UIPickerViews, one called “From” and one called “To”. “From” contains A, B and “To” contains B, C Basically, if “From” is A and “To” is B then a Photo of car will appear on the […]

Attaching another view to the same “files owner”

I am not sure how to ask this, or if it is already answered, but I cannot find anything specific. Basically, what I want to do is have a view/xib that has the same “Files owner” information as another view. The purpose of this would be to have an ipad view, much like the viewCOntroller_iphone/viewcontroller_ipad […]

Shell script for remove the unneeded architectures while archiving not working

I have tried to use the shell scripts of @Varrry and @pAkY88 on the question Submit to App Store issues: Unsupported Architecture x86 but they are not working while archiving,the unneeded architectures are not removed, so when I’m trying to upload to the Store I get the error: “Unsupported Architecture. Your executable contains unsupported architecture […]

Mo pub + iAds in iPhone landscape game

Now I got one requirement to use MoPub+iAds in iPhone game. I used mo pub sdk and initialized view like this MPAdView *moPubAdView = [[MPAdView alloc] initWithAdUnitId:MOPUB_ADS_ACCOUNT_ID size:MOPUB_BANNER_SIZE]; But this displays 320×50 in size. How to enable iAd for this view? Now it is displaying only mo pub ads.

Accessing two levels in my plist file

I have a plist file that contains country, state, city. I can access the country level for the pickers, but I cannot seem to get the state and city populated. I have created a plist file with the following: country –> dictionary, state–> dictionary, and city –> array. The code is: NSBundle *bundle = [NSBundle […]

How to change to a grouped table view in xcode without using Interface Builder

I have a table that I created within xcode so there is no nib file in this case. I want to make my table into the ‘Grouped’ style but im not sure how. I think it has somthing to do with the method below, the problem is Im not really sure how to call it, […]