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How do I navigate through a method call hierarchy in Xcode 4?

I come from Eclipse, I would like to know if there is a way in Xcode 4 to navigate through method calls like there. I know I can jump to the definition of a method, but I want to know who is calling that method/function. The only way I’ve found is doing a regular text […]

How do you create a Shell Script target in Xcode 4.2?

I was wondering if anyone knew with XCode 4.1 how to create a shell script. The option for that doesn’t exist, but it might be called something else in the latest version. Ta

can't find info.plist in xcode 4

So the regular intro: I am a newbie to objective c, searched everywhere and could not find, so please help… All I want to do is to set my app to get location updates in the background – THAT’S IT. I know that I suppose to add location to UIBackgroundModes in the info.plist file in […]

Instrument (XCode4) report ASIHttpRequest leak memory?

I get Instrument tools in XCode 4 report memory leaks from ASIHttpRequest… I didn’t be able to figure out the problem, turned our I commented out all my code to handle the result and make the function like below, but xcode still report the same memory leak… This method is called everytime when I click […]

Xcode — delete images are still getting built when building app

I am trying to clean up my app before I submit it for apple approval, but I have an issue. I have delete some unwanted background images but the app seems to think they are still there. I have delete the app completely from the phone but when I build it is still there. The […]

XCode 4, Invalid Signature (-19011)

I’m goin mad. I’m using XCode 4 and finally i finished my app,and i was about to submit it to App Store,uploading to iTunes Connect. I tried to to Build for Archive but this warning showed up: Application failed codesign verification. The signature was invalid, or it was not signed with an Apple submission certificate. […]

Searching hard coded text in xcode

Hello I would like to localize my application, and the problem I have hard coded text all around the code also in the xib files. I would like quick way to externalize or better to get all hard coded text and put it in external file . if some one have done this before pls […]

When and how to use Aggregate Target in xcode 4

I was trying to look for an example of using an Aggregate Target in Xcode4, including its purpose and why a developer should use it. Do you have any reference link, especially from Apple Developer web site?

NSLog no output in LLDB. Works in GDB

Since recent update Xcode 4.3 now seems to default to LLDB debugger. I just found that my NSLog statements are not showing in the console. After searching the for answers, finding none, I switched back to GDB and it works fine. I find others mention NSLog in LLDB so I don’t’ understand why it fails […]

Warning about blocking item under version control (Xcode 4)

I just added TouchXML to my project and it’s telling me that: warning: Obstructing: /**/Classes/Creation is blocking item under version control also, same thing for Tidy: warning: Obstructing: /**/Classes/Tidy is blocking item under version control It’s just a warning but it’s very annoying; how can I get rid of it?