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Xcode 4: How do you view the console?

I can’t seem to find a way to have the console run (to show NSLog comments) in XCode 4. The normal method for the previous version of XCode does not work. Does anyone have an idea of how to accomplish this?

Creating breakpoint in Xcode for unrecognized selector

Is it possible to set the breakpoint in Xcode to have the debugger stop only on unrecognized selector? I have other exceptions that are triggering, and I only want to trigger on the unrecognized selector exception, nothing else.

AVAudioPlayer not playing any sound

I’m working on an iOS application that needs to play some sounds using the AVFoundation framework. The workspace structure in Xcode 4 contains two projects: Workspace The application itself (main project) A utility library After building the utility library, it results in a static library which is used in the main application as a framework. […]

NSDate is 5 hours off

I run the following code: NSDate *now = [NSDate date]; NSLog(@”now: %@”, now); and get : 2011-09-16 16:14:16.434 iSavemore[1229:7907] now: 2011-09-16 21:14:16 +0000 As you can see i’m running this at 16:14:16 (4:14 pm) but NSDate is returning 21:16:16 (9:14 pm!). Is this an Xcode4 issue or NSDate issue?

Difference between framework and static library in xcode4, and how to call them

I am quite new to xcode and objective-c. I want to ask a very basic question. I saw that when “linking binary to libraries” in project settings, there are differences about framework and libraries, imported from other projects in workspace. First question, why is there a framework? And why is there a library? Cannot my […]

Compile, Build or Archive problems with Xcode 4 (and dependencies)

This question has evolved over the past several weeks to cover more general issues with xcode4 (and upgrading projects form older xcodes). However many of the issues can be solved by following the same set of instructions. If you have any of the following issues, try the methods in the accepted answer: Xcode 4 fails […]

incrementing variable names in xcode?

This question already has an answer here: Objective C Equivalent of PHP's “Variable Variables” [duplicate] 2 answers

Xcode 4.2 Build on iPod touch 1st gen

I’m having problems building my app on 1st generation iPod touch. I’ve changed the Architecture value to “armv6 armv7” and also the deployment target to 3.0 iPod touch is running iOS 3.1.3 Anyone has a solution for that? Thanks

committing project to source control in Xcode

In Xcode 4, order to commit the entire project(all source files) to the source control repo, does one have to select all the files in the project navigator(Cmd-A) or is is it sufficient if I select just the Project file at the top and then File->SourceControl->Commit?

xcode update from 4.5.1 to 4.6

Hi I am new to Xcode and wondering how do I perform an update from v4.5.1 to v4.6. Is it necessary to uninstall the current xcode on my Mac in order to upgrade my xcode?