Is there a way to set up a NSCollectionView programmatically in Swift?

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Thanks to @stevesliva for pointing me to this SO answer. I converted it to Swift.
This is what I got.

I am creating a NSCollectionView in the ViewController:

import Cocoa

class ViewController: NSViewController {

var titles = [String]()
var collectionView: NSCollectionView?

override func viewDidLoad() {

    self.titles = ["Banana", "Apple", "Strawberry", "Cherry", "Pear", "Pineapple", "Grape", "Melon"]
    collectionView = NSCollectionView(frame: self.view.frame)
    collectionView!.itemPrototype = CollectionViewItem()
    collectionView!.content = self.titles
    collectionView!.autoresizingMask = NSAutoresizingMaskOptions.ViewWidthSizable | NSAutoresizingMaskOptions.ViewMaxXMargin | NSAutoresizingMaskOptions.ViewMinYMargin | NSAutoresizingMaskOptions.ViewHeightSizable | NSAutoresizingMaskOptions.ViewMaxYMargin

    var index = 0
    for title in titles {
        var item = self.collectionView!.itemAtIndex(index) as! CollectionViewItem
        item.getView().button?.title = self.titles[index]


The created CollectionViewItem in the ViewController just load a view, where I set up the item view itself.

import Cocoa

class CollectionViewItem: NSCollectionViewItem {

var itemView: ItemView?

override func viewDidLoad() {
    // Do view setup here.

override func loadView() {
    self.itemView = ItemView(frame: NSZeroRect)
    self.view = self.itemView!

func getView() -> ItemView {
    return self.itemView!

The view itself:

import Cocoa

class ItemView: NSView {

let buttonSize: NSSize = NSSize(width: 100, height: 20)
let itemSize: NSSize = NSSize(width: 120, height: 40)
let buttonOrigin: NSPoint = NSPoint(x: 10, y: 10)

var button: NSButton?

override func drawRect(dirtyRect: NSRect) {

    // Drawing code here.

override init(frame frameRect: NSRect) {
    super.init(frame: NSRect(origin: frameRect.origin, size: itemSize))
    let newButton = NSButton(frame: NSRect(origin: buttonOrigin, size: buttonSize))
    newButton.bezelStyle = NSBezelStyle.RoundedBezelStyle
    self.button = newButton;

required init?(coder: NSCoder) {
    fatalError("init(coder:) has not been implemented")

func setButtonTitle(title: String) {
    self.button!.title = title

To set the button title, I am using kind of a hack. (the for-loop in the ViewController) If there is a better way to set the title please feel free to leave a comment.

For Swift 2.0, you will need to change the collectionView!.autoresizingMask line to:

long hand:

collectionView?.autoresizingMask = NSAutoresizingMaskOptions([NSAutoresizingMaskOptions.ViewWidthSizable,NSAutoresizingMaskOptions.ViewMaxXMargin,NSAutoresizingMaskOptions.ViewMinYMargin,NSAutoresizingMaskOptions.ViewHeightSizable,NSAutoresizingMaskOptions.ViewMaxYMargin])

or short hand:

collectionView?.autoresizingMask = NSAutoresizingMaskOptions([.ViewWidthSizable,.ViewMaxXMargin,.ViewMinYMargin,.ViewHeightSizable,.ViewMaxYMargin])

You need to embed NSCollectionView within NSScrollView. Code below is in Swift 4

Setup NSCollectionView

let layout = NSCollectionViewFlowLayout()
layout.minimumLineSpacing = 4

collectionView = NSCollectionView()
collectionView.dataSource = self
collectionView.delegate = self
collectionView.collectionViewLayout = layout
collectionView.allowsMultipleSelection = false
collectionView.backgroundColors = [.clear]
collectionView.isSelectable = true
  forItemWithIdentifier: NSUserInterfaceItemIdentifier(rawValue: "Cell")

Setup NSScrollView

scrollView = NSScrollView()
scrollView.documentView = collectionView

Here’s a simple NSCollectionViewItem

class Cell: NSCollectionViewItem {
  let label = NSTextField()
  let imageView = NSImageView()

  override func loadView() {
    self.view = NSView()
    self.view.wantsLayer = true