Is there an iPhone SDK API for twitter?

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Try MGTwitterEngine

There is now a built-in Twitter API on iOS

Link provided by NNN above to sharekit wasn’t correct – try this one instead :

Looks really promising and integrates with much more than Twitter!

Twitter’s API gives you the option to have the feeds in XML or JSON format. Check their documentation . I don’t know much about the iPhone SDK, but it surely has XML parsing.

I can’t see Apple including a inbuilt API to the SDK for two reasons:

  1. If they start at Twitter, they’ll have to do myspace, facebook, friendfeed etc.
  2. There are many Twitter apps on the app store atm. If apple released a twitter API, they’d have much more competition and wouldn’t be happy with Apple.

Try using ShareKit.

It supports other services like Facebook, Delicious, Tumblr and more too.


Works with iOS 4 or later.

Matt Gemmell and Craig Hockenberry, developer of Twitterific created MGTwitterEngine, an easy-to-use library of classes providing methods that make it extremely easy for the developer to access the Twitter API. see
I believe there are a few other libs out there, but it’s just as easy to roll your own because like Macha says above Twitter’s API gives you the option to have the feeds in XML or JSON format.

I would use FHSTwitterEngine. Its a synchronous library, so you can get twitter data in real time. With GCD, queues, and threading, you can get the same functionality as asynchronous. I wrote it.

There is no API for Twitter built into the 2.2.1 SDK. I can not comment about the 3.0 beta per NDA restrictions, but you should not expect Apple to include a service-specific API in the SDK.

Any Twitter or web service consuming feature has to be coded using the existing API calls and it is your choice to use Interface Builder to emulate the native iPhone look as close as possible.

for IOS 5 and more tweet sheet does the job