Is Xcode debugging/crash report in Swift broken?

I’ve been working with Swift for over a year now and things seems to be only getting worse with each new Xcode release.

Is it only here that crashes in a app aren’t reported correctly? Most of the time it’s only SIGBRT or EXC_BAD_INSTRUCTION on main() (yes I use a main.m in my project):

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    That’s not helpful. If I don’t add an ‘All Exceptions’ breakpoint, I can’t find where the crash happened. I just got used with not having any help at all from LLVM about any errors on my Swift code, and even then:

    enter image description here

    Is there something I’m missing here? I feel like back when I was programming with Objective-C things were much better.


    I found this solution:

    Which helps sometimes:

    enter image description here

    Still looking on how to get the exception/error message to show up (again) in Xcode.

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    Ok, so I finally was able to improve the debugging info for breakpoints.

    Basically you should create a “All Exceptions” breakpoint like this:

    This is for Xcode 7+ only.


    Check if the “Debug -> Debug Workflow -> Always Show Disassembly” is turned off.

    The Debug dropdown menu, workflow section