ISO8601DateFormatter doesn't parse ISO date string

I’m trying to parse this


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  • using native ISO8601DateFormatter class provided by iOS 10 but always fails.
    If the string not contains milliseconds, the Date object is created without problems.

    I’m tried this and many options combination but always fails…

    let formatter = ISO8601DateFormatter()
    formatter.timeZone = TimeZone(secondsFromGMT: 0)
    formatter.formatOptions = [.withInternetDateTime, .withDashSeparatorInDate, .withColonSeparatorInTime, .withColonSeparatorInTimeZone, .withFullTime]

    Any idea?

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    ISO8601DateFormatter does not support date strings including milliseconds.

    A workaround is to remove the millisecond part with regular expression.

    let isoDateString = "2017-01-23T10:12:31.484Z"
    let trimmedIsoString = isoDateString.replacingOccurrences(of: "\\.\\d+", with: "", options: .regularExpression)
    let formatter = ISO8601DateFormatter()
    let date = trimmedIsoString)

    Edit: In macOS 10.13+ / iOS 11+ a new option is added to support fractional seconds:

    static var withFractionalSeconds: ISO8601DateFormatter.Options { get }