LinkedIn login with custom token ( ERROR_INVALID_CUSTOM_TOKEN )

I am trying to login with LinkedIn using the native app and the LinkedIn SDK. So far I can login using the web if the LinkedIn app is not installed. I can also login with LinkedIn and get a token in return. But when I try to authenticate with Firebase I get this error:

Optional(Error Domain=FIRAuthErrorDomain Code=17000 "The custom token 
format is incorrect. Please check the documentation." UserInfo=
{NSLocalizedDescription=The custom token format is incorrect. Please 
check the documentation., error_name=ERROR_INVALID_CUSTOM_TOKEN})

This is my code:

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  •         // App installed
            LISDKSessionManager.createSession(withAuth: permissions, state: nil, showGoToAppStoreDialog: true, successBlock: { (returnState) -> Void in
                LISDKAPIHelper.sharedInstance().getRequest(",first-name,last-name,email-address,picture-url,public-profile-url,industry,positions,location)?format=json", success: { (response) -> Void in
                    if let data = response? String.Encoding.utf8) {
                       if let dictResponse = try? JSONSerialization.jsonObject(with: data, options: .mutableContainers){
                            let token = LISDKSessionManager.sharedInstance().session.accessToken.accessTokenValue
                            Auth.auth().signIn(withCustomToken: token!  ) { (user, error) in
                }, error: { (error) -> Void in
                    print("LINKEDIN error\(String(describing: error))")
            }) { (error) -> Void in
                print("error login linkedin")

    The token I am sending to Firebase is a String, so that should be okay. I must be missing something. But what ?

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    The problem was my misunderstanding. I thought I could use the Linkedin token directly. It has to go to a webservice that uses the Firebase admin user to generate the token.