Live streaming on iPhone

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You have to go through HTTP Live streaming document provided by Apple.There are some sample live streaming URLs.The file extension will be .m3u8.If you want to configure your own webwserver , you have to configure FFMPEG server in your webserver.The links which will help you
1)Apple document

If you’re making a web app in html5 then the video tag is a good choice.

But, If you’re developing a native app then MPMoviePlayerController would be a much better choice. There are many example of how to use it online.

iOS doesn’t support RTMP or RSTP, so your stream would need to be a HTTP Live stream. From memory the codec choice is very limited too, eg if you supply H264+mp3 you won’t get any sound despite iOS supporting mp3.

Also remember that streams from other people (such as the BBC) will normally be protected by international copyright law, so unless you have prior permission to use their stream in your app you may be breaking the law.

Apple has some nice resources on Http Live Streaming.