Loading NSImage with imageNamed from xcassets crash in older osx versions

So, I have an xcassets that is shared amongst quite a few apps. I’m developing with Xcode8 in a Mac Mini with MacOs Sierra installed in it. If I compile and run in the development machine, there’s no issue at all. However, when I try to run it in a device with OSX Mavericks I get a crash. Here’s the trace in the report

Thread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread
0   libsystem_kernel.dylib          0x00007fff887dc866 __pthread_kill + 10
1   libsystem_pthread.dylib         0x00007fff87a3935c pthread_kill + 92
2   libsystem_c.dylib               0x00007fff88614bba abort + 125
3   libsystem_c.dylib               0x00007fff885dea5f __assert_rtn + 321
4   com.apple.coreui                0x00007fff875aa1a7 CUIRenditionKeySetValueForAttribute + 307
5   com.apple.coreui                0x00007fff875a9004 -[CUIStructuredThemeStore _canGetRenditionWithKey:isFPO:lookForSubstitutions:] + 200
6   com.apple.coreui                0x00007fff875a8f1b -[CUIStructuredThemeStore canGetRenditionWithKey:] + 22
7   com.apple.coreui                0x00007fff875c4eab -[CUICatalog _resolvedRenditionKeyForName:scaleFactor:deviceIdiom:deviceSubtype:] + 291
8   com.apple.coreui                0x00007fff875c4c53 -[CUICatalog imageWithName:scaleFactor:deviceIdiom:deviceSubtype:] + 29
9   com.apple.AppKit                0x00007fff88820b1b +[NSImage _catalogImageWithName:bundle:] + 132
10  com.apple.AppKit                0x00007fff8881aefd +[NSImage imageNamed:] + 261

If I remove the image from the xcassets and include it “individually” in the app’s bundle -by dropping it to the app’s project navigator- it loads just fine. But I’d like to avoid this if possible, as it’s cleaner to have shared images in just one xcassets.

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  • Any thoughts or ideas? Thanks in advance.

    Solutions Collect From Internet About “Loading NSImage with imageNamed from xcassets crash in older osx versions”

    I could bypass this error by following this workaround provided by Apple for iOS 7 devices:

    To work around this issue, update the deployment target to iOS 8.0 or
    higher, or add a single image to the asset catalog that has at least
    five attributes specified across the image set, such as: scale (1x,
    2x, 3x) idiom (add iPad,iPhone, and a universal asset) direction (left
    to right, right to left) width/height class (any & compact, and so
    forth) memory (add a 1 GB asset) graphics (add a Metal 1v2 asset) It
    is not necessary to use the image in your code or to add all of these
    attributes. (27852391)

    Here’s how this dummy imageset looks like:

    Dummy imageset