Localization failed to read a strings file (Xcode 6.3.2)

I can’t export for localization, I just get a “Localization failed to read a strings file” error.

The system log says:

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  • 2015-06-07 01:41:48,305 Xcode[1914]: [MT] DVTAssertions: Warning in /SourceCache/IDEFrameworks/IDEFrameworks-7718/IDEFoundation/Localization/IDELocalizationWork.m:434
    Details:  Failed to read strings file "/var/folders/vh/z7jrdtc16mv_ml4rdf3c_yf40000gn/T/Xcode3SourceStringsAdaptor-8B1BF14F-E8BF-4354-9FB6-BFF843BD6623/Localizable.strings", underlying error:
    The data couldn’t be read because it isn’t in the correct format.
    Object:   <IDELocalizationWork>
    Method:   +readStringsWorkForContext:
    Thread:   <NSThread: 0x7fa8a250a200>{number = 1, name = main}
    Please file a bug at http://bugreport.apple.com with this warning message and any useful information you can provide.

    But I have no idea what file “Localizable.strings” is.
    These steps didn’t work:

    • Found “Localizable.strings” in Base.lproj and deleted it. It was completely empty.
    • Deleted the whole folder specified in the log message.
    • Clean and Clean build folder.
    • Running genstrings first to generate missing .strings-files. genstrings complained and said my strings weren’t literals in the calls to NSLocalizedString. Uhh… they all look like this: private let ALERT_REMINDER_FIRED_TITLE = NSLocalizedString("ALERT_REMINDER_FIRED_TITLE", tableName:"ReminderHandler", comment:"my comment")

    I figure that Localizable.strings is supposed to contain someting, like /** no localizable strings **/ or something. The problem with that is that my project doesn’t even contain the file, it’s being generated as completely empty.

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    Seems that unfinished and commented out calls to NSLocalizedString interfere with export for localization.

    For me it was like key = “your string”; that worked in swift 3.
    No quotes for key. Semicolons at the end.

    I had the same problem when tried to use NSLocalizedString with own NSBundle specified. Seems Xcode won’t work if you use localization macros with different form than NSLocalizedString("Some key", comment: "Some comment"). I have fixed this by just redefining the NSLocalizedString function like that:

    public func NSLocalizedString(key: String, tableName: String? = nil, bundle: NSBundle = NSBundle.mainBundle(), value: String = "", comment: String) -> String
        return yourBundleHere.localizedStringForKey(key, value: value, table: tableName)

    Replace yourBundleHere with NSBundle.mainBundle() or what ever you want.

    Check if there are redundant double quotation marks in your Localizable.strings file, then remove them.

    The problem for me was that I had completely empty xx.strings files – I’d manually cleared them out.

    Add this line at the top of any empty xx.strings files, and the export works again:

    /* No Localized Strings */

    Had the same issue.
    In my case it was caused by an NSLocalizedString that used a variable passed from the server as the key instead of actual strings. The system still scans commented code so anything short of deleting the lines of code will not work.