Localizations error in Dev Panel

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This error can also occur if you have not deleted smaller, older size screen shots before checking the box in Media Manager to use new, larger screen size shots for that smaller size.

So if you are submitting a new version of an iPad app and you want your new 12.9 inch display screen shots to act as your 9.7 inch screen shots, you need to delete the old 9.7 inch screen shots before checking the box “Use 12.9-Inch Display.”

This message will appear if you have not provided a screen shot for every size iPhone and every size iPad (if you support iPad). The fix is in the Media Manager and if you do not have a screen shot for some size device, check the option (to the right) to use another size screen shot for this size device.

If you left any of the URLs empty, especially the Privacy Policy URL, then the Localization error appears. If you insert an URL, then the app may submit for review or else the Localization error shall disappear in the least. Please ensure that the URL is genuine, lest Apple delay or even reject the submission.

I experienced this issue when trying to add a new localisation.

In my case, the problem appeared to be that the Keywords section was blank (and not even present on the UI, making it very difficult to realise what the problem was).

Apparently, to add/alter keywords, you need to upload a new binary. :-/

I had the same problem with the localisation error “there is an error for 1 of your localizations”
After googling the i came to know is that if you have missed any screen shots for ipad or iphone it will produce the same error
Need to add the screen shots from here

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Ensure that you have at lease one screenshot per device. Just submit one set of screenshots and one optional app preview for the largest device size within a device family

These days you get this error when screen shots for certain screen sizes are missing, which is misleading.
You could have largest screen/resolution screenshots and set the lower size/resolution screen shots to use those(there is a checkbox for this on the upper right corner of the pane) to fix the issue.

In my case I had two language localizations. Not sure how that happened. I deleted one and it worked. You have to follow the exclamation in the red circle. Wherever it is, your problem is.