Localize Asset Catalogs

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I went the classic way. Just use single localized images and set up your plist correctly. The easiest way is to use one asset catalog, set everything up. Then open the application bundle and copy the correctly named files + the correct info.plist entries. (And of course remove the assets catalog afterwards) Result looks like this:


info plist keys

Launch images filenames:

launch images filenames

(I needed all iPad orientations/sizes + all portrait iphone sizes + 7.0 specific sizes)

From Apple’s documentation, you need to set the UILaunchImageFile key to a custom launch image filename.

enter image description here

You then need to have localize that file.

enter image description here

And make sure that your Launch Image is not set to use an asset catalog.

enter image description here

I have the same problem in XCode 6.0 and iOS 7 and 8.
Don’t use Images.xcassets for splash screen.
Add the following key to Info.plist:

        <string>{768, 1024}</string>