Making a CocoaPod from an existing Xcode project

I’ve been trying to crack this with no avail so far. I have my Xcode Swift project with its github repository for source control. I would like to create a new CocoaPod with this project.

Ive gone through the CocoaPods documentation but nothing has worked as of yet and Im really confused by now, could someone please write the steps in order I need to do for making that new pod from my existing Xcode Project which already has a Github repository linked to it.

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  • Thanks in advance!

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    Taken from:

    $ pod spec create YourProject
    $ edit YourProject.podspec

    Then in editor replace s.source_files = "Classes", "Classes/**/*.{h,m}" with

    s.source_files = "Classes/**/*.{swift}"

    Then run until you pass all tests..

    $ pod spec lint Peanut.podspec

    Thats basically all.

    You can test this Podspec in real life by creating a new demo app and follow the 9 steps from Anbu.Karthik.

    In the created podfile add something like:

    pod 'YourProject', :path => '/Users/you/work/YourProject'

    The path should point to the dir containing the podspec file. Run pod install again.