Markerless AR lib for iPhone

I’m searching a functional AR Markerless library for the iPhone (from 3GS and supporting iOS 4.3 at least).

I’ve already tested a large amount of SDKs including Qualcomm AR, Layar, ARToolkit, but none of them was satisfying my needs.

  • camera overlay change with bearing and elevation
  • CoreLocation heading base on back camera (Augmented reality)
  • iOS - Calculating distance, azimuth, elevation and relative position (Augmented Reality)
  • Radar View like LOVOO
  • iOS augmented reality with compass and location
  • Convert latitude and longitude to ECEF coordinates system
  • To be more precise, I need neither a localization-based AR technology (Layar), nor a marker technology (ARToolkit).
    If possible, the library has to be free, as I don’t have much financial resources.

    Solutions Collect From Internet About “Markerless AR lib for iPhone”

    Qualcomm ( QCAR ) has recently released an iOS version into beta. So if that’s why it didn’t meet your needs, it may now.

    Also Junaio’s Glue provides a simple ‘markerless’ solution –

    There are also free, and inexpensive, licenses for String – but String targets need to have a high contrast rectangular border.

    Other SDKs by Total Immersion and Metaio are rather expensive – or they were the last time I’d checked.

    If QCAR for iOS will work, that may be your best bet.