MobileVLCKit fails while compiling

I am trying to use MobileVLCKit for iOS in my application. I followed steps given @ Building the Framework for iOS. I have set deploymet target to iOS 7 in my Xcode 5.

I used command ./ -f -l to compile the shell file to get an iOS framework.

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  • I got following errors on my terminal application.

    The following build commands failed:
    Libtool build/ normal armv7
    Libtool build/ normal armv7s
    CreateUniversalBinary build/Release-iphoneos/libMobileVLCKit.a normal armv7\ armv7s    

    I tried all ways got on google but it didn’t work. After trying for whole day I am putting this question. Please help if you have used this before.

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    Drop the -l argument. You really need to compile the underlying libvlc to achieve a full MobileVLCKit framework. Without libvlc, it’s just a bunch of useless classes.

    Alternatively, consider getting a precompiled version which can be just dropped in your project: