Non-public API usage in iOS App?

i’m tryng to upload my App to iTunes store but 1 minute after submission i receive this kind of email togheter with an “invalid binary” message in itunes connect.

The app contains or inherits from non-public classes in DikeMobile: NSArray, NSAutoreleasePool, NSBundle, NSCalendar, NSCharacterSet, NSData, NSDate, NSDateFormatter, NSDictionary, NSError, NSException, NSFileManager, NSHTTPCookie, NSHTTPURLResponse, NSIndexSet, NSMutableArray, NSMutableData, NSMutableDictionary, NSMutableString, NSMutableURLRequest, NSNotificationCenter, NSNumber, NSObject, NSOperation, NSRunLoop, NSSortDe…

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  • How can be those API non public? Any help would be apreciated

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    This is getting reported a lot around the internet right now – it looks like Apple has broken something with iTunes Connect this afternoon.

    I know that I was able to upload two binaries this morning without issue, but trying to upload two different ones for other apps this afternoon resulted in the same error you are getting.

    It seems that Apple has likely broken their validations while modifying iTunes Connect to allow new iOS 5 app submissions.