NSStatusItem fullscreen issues

I’m making a statusbar app that displays an NSPopover when the NSStatusItem is clicked, like this:

enter image description here

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  • I have added the ability to resize the popover by dragging on the edges, by subclassing the popover’s view like this:

    class CMView: NSView {
        let tolerance : CGFloat = 10
        var state = false
        override func mouseDown(theEvent: NSEvent) {
            let point = self.convertPoint(theEvent.locationInWindow, fromView: nil)
            if (point.y <= tolerance) {
                state = true
        override func mouseDragged(theEvent: NSEvent) {
            if (state) {
                let point = self.convertPoint(theEvent.locationInWindow, fromView: nil)
                self.frame = NSRect(
                    x: self.frame.origin.x,
                    y: self.frame.origin.y,
                    width: self.frame.size.width,
                    height: self.frame.size.height-point.y)
                popover.contentSize = self.frame.size
        override func mouseUp(theEvent: NSEvent) {
            state = false

    This only works if the desktop isn’t in full screen. If I try to resize it in fullscreen, it simply doesn’t work, and the popover arrow disappears mysteriously.

    It seems like the popover isn’t redrawing when invoked in a fullscreen environment. Is there any way around this problem?

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    Here at WWDC. Asking the same question. You have to have an app that’s an UIElement app – meaning no dock icon, no main menu.