Obj-C CocoaPods + Swift Framework

I’m creating a Swift framework in the latest Xcode 6 DP4. I need to internally use AFNetworking in my framework, but can’t figure out a way to compile it.

I know how to use bridging headers, but those aren’t supported in Swift frameworks.

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  • My framework, Core.framework, looks like this:

    > Core.h
        #import <UIKit/UIKit.h>
        #import <AFNetworking/AFNetworking.h>
        //! Project version number for Core.
        FOUNDATION_EXPORT double CoreVersionNumber;
        //! Project version string for Core.
        FOUNDATION_EXPORT const unsigned char CoreVersionString[]; 
    > SomeFileThatNeedsAFNetworking.swift

    And I’m using a podfile to bring in AFNetworking. However, when I compile, I get the following error:

    <unknown>:0: error: ~/Core/Source/Core.h:2: include of non-modular header inside framework module 'Core'

    because of the AFNetworking import. But if I don’t include that, then I get compilation errors everywhere referencing AFNetworking.

    Has anyone figured out the right combination?

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    Well, based on what I’m seeing here and here I don’t think it is possible to compile anything from a pod file just yet. I have tried to do this with the SCLAlertView-Swift library with similar errors. I think you will just have to wait for the code to get developed by the cocoapods team.

    So I have something working. My goal was to use a shared code framework across multiple targets with cocoapod libraries for support in sharedCode. Problems I had were the non-modular header issue and the duplicate symbols issue.

    -swift files

    -swift files
    -objc files
    -cocoapods lib

    Add a ‘Run Script Phase’ to the top of the ‘framework’ target

    set -e
    ls -d -1 ${PODS_ROOT}/Headers/Public/**/*.h >> "$RESOURCES_TO_COPY"
    rsync -avr --copy-links --no-relative --exclude '*/.svn/*' --files-from="$RESOURCES_TO_COPY" / "${TARGET_BUILD_DIR}/${UNLOCALIZED_RESOURCES_FOLDER_PATH}/Headers"
    rm -f "$RESOURCES_TO_COPY"

    In the framework main header put

    #import <{SHARED_FRAMEWORK_NAME}/PixateFreestyle.h>
    #import <{SHARED_FRAMEWORK_NAME}/Lockbox.h>
    #import <{SHARED_FRAMEWORK_NAME}/etc.h>

    Voila, the classes are now available to your framework code and to your framework dependencies if needed. This does expose all of the cocoapods headers and the copy script is not smart so you may run into a path issue. So far so good for me though. This is certainly a work-around since the non-modular header thing blocks the compiler.