Objective C Equivalent of PHP's “Variable Variables”

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Short answer: No.

Long answer: Kind of.

  1. You can use an array, store your variables in there, and index into it.
  2. Like #1, if your objects are actually UI elements and you don’t want a whole bunch of IBOutlets, then use an IBOutletCollection instead.
  3. You can use a dictionary, store your variables as values, and look them up by key.
  4. You can declare all your variables as @property, and then use [self valueForKey:] to look them up by name.
  5. You can build the name of the ivar as a string, and then use something like object_getInstanceVariable() to retrieve it’s value directly (this is similar to #3, except you don’t have to declare it as an @property). This is excessively complicated and is usually a much bigger hammer than you’ll actually need.
  6. If you’re dealing with views, you can assign each view a unique tag and then retrieve it via [superview viewWithTag:aTag]. I do not recommend using this approach.

EDIT: Note that this only works with instance variables. This does not work with global/static variables.

No. But you can give a tag to the view and use -viewWithTag:.