Obtain details of categories on a class at runtime?

In Objective-C, is there a way to list the categories on a particular class at runtime?

With the Objective-C runtime functions I can obtain details for the class and instance methods, class hierarchy, instance variables, etc. but seemingly not the category information.

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  • Looking at F-Script, I see that it doesn’t display category information (indeed, it appears not to display methods from categories at all). On the other hand, class-dump extracts category information but this is from the binary and not at runtime.

    There’s a mention of struct objc_category in objc/runtime.h but this looks to be private. Is there a supported way?

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    from “The Objective-C Programming Language” in the SDK doc:

    Category methods can do anything that methods defined in the class proper can do. At runtime, there’s no difference.

    the support for objc_category struct has been removed with modern objective-c (ios, 10.5), making this information opaque.

    I’m afraid you can’t get the information you want.